Cheat Day Land Is an Interactive Pop-up Dedicated to Our Favorite Junk Foods

donuts sprinkles

It’s hard being healthy, but you do it.  You pound the kale smoothies, you crush the bench presses, and you develop the iron will to say no to that beautiful donut or giant slice of pizza gazing at you from the window. You’ve been good for long enough, though. Now it’s time to be bad.

Welcome to the most legendary cheat day of your life.

Cheat Day Land is an interactive pop-up museum of 12 rooms dedicated to your favorite cheat foods. You’ve probably heard of the interactive art display Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico — well this is that, but with colorful, larger-than-life cheat foods.

The exhibition was designed by Rubi Rymenmy as a playful-albeit-delicious experience for fit-minded folk who may eat boiled chicken breast for lunch, but dream of tasty treats by night.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos yet, but we do know that Cheat Day Land will up in Los Angeles for the month of September with decadent displays like a donut gym a life-sized bowl of cereal where you can jump on the spoon (#photoop). The exhibition was designed to make you feel like a sugared-up kid again, minus the afternoon crash. The museum will also feature work in collaboration with some of LA’s top street and fine artists.

“Cheat Day Land is a sensory explosion,” Rymemny explains. “A space where you are able to truly experience each piece of art, to immerse yourself in it.”

cereal bowl marshmallow

Rymemny says Cheat Day Land was inspired by the interactive museums in Japan. When returning from a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, she had the idea to mix immersive art with her favorite cheat foods. If you’ve ever wanted to try on a hamburger outfit or climb over a mountain of food, you’re in luck.

Ironically, after pretending to swim in a bowl of sugary cereal and deadlift Boston cream pie donuts, you might crave them less and appreciate your healthy regimen more. Nosh on some of the “guilt-free cheating” snacks and take note of the suggestion Cheat Day Land offers on how to balance a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived. (OK, maybe one donut isn’t so bad.)

Tickets are $38; children four and under get in free. Like a good workout session, the experience takes 60 minutes and is blocked out in reserved time slots. So, as you would for your favorite workout class, book ahead for a spot.


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