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The Cauldryn Is a Travel Mug That Does Everything

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Attention all outdoorsmen, coffee lovers, and smoothie enthusiasts: the travel mug you’ve been waiting for has arrived. The Cauldryn mug is a hand-held powerhouse of a travel mug for anyone who has experienced the let-down of cold coffee, the hassle of blended drinks, or the unique challenges of campfire cooking. What could be so special about a travel mug? Well, we’re glad you asked.

The mug itself is akin to your standard, high-quality travel mug. It’s comfortable to hold, nice to look at, and easy to sip from. It’s the included attachments that make the Cauldryn mug truly unique. A heating element (the Fyre) attaches to the bottom of the mug and harnesses the power of its rechargeable battery to keep your drinks at their ideal temperature. That’s not all it can do, though; The Fyre heating element has four settings (hot, extra hot, brew, and boil) that can reach up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and let you do everything from boiling water for sterilization to making soup, cooking freeze-dried meals, and brewing coffee and tea. Consider such a wide variety of uses and you begin to see how invaluable this baby could be for your next hiking or camping trip.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The heating element is extremely effective but completely unobtrusive. Toting the mug around with it attached to the bottom doesn’t look or feel all that different than carrying the mug solo. The mug also comes with an AC base so you can plug it directly into power when it’s available, and you have the option of getting a DC base if you prefer. The mug itself includes a built-in LCD display to help you track battery life and temperature of its contents.

All this heat just wasn’t enough for Cauldryn though, which is why they decided to release a Blender and Battery Combo Pack that takes the whole set-up to a whole new level. The new kit comes with the Cauldryn Mug, Fyre heating element, and a blender attachment that lets you whip up shakes, smoothies, and margaritas in addition to your favorite toasty beverages.

If you’re sick of being slowed down by clunky blenders, disappointed by room-temperature coffee, and frustrated by campfire cooking, the set is worth checking out. The combo kit is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship out at the beginning of September.

If simple travel mugs are more your flavor, we’ve rounded up all the best options for you to make your morning routine just that much easier.

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