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Athlete Eats: The NFL’s Eric Fisher

athlete eats kansas city chief eric fisher
As you know, we here at The Manual love food (I mean, who doesn’t?). And we are always looking to give our loyal readers the heads up on the best restaurants and chefs from around the country.

Recently, we got the bright idea to start asking professional athletes where they  like to eat. After all, these guys are constantly on the road (or changing “home” cities) and in constant need for the next great place to get a bite to eat. It’s a new series we will be running each month, and we start off with Kansas City Chiefs right tackle Eric Fisher—the Number 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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As a rookie, how does it feel to be a part of the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL?

What a great way to start my career. Between the guys I play with and the coaches I have, It’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve never been 8-0 in anything in my life, and it’s not something you come by very so often so I am just cherishing the moment.

What can you say about being coached by a great offensive head coach in Andy Reid?

I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. He’s just great at what he does. When it’s time to take care of business, it’s time to take care of business, but any other time he’s just a regular guy, someone you can relate to and easily get along with.

Kansas City is obviously known for it’s great barbecue. Where do you like to go to pick up some barbecue?

Well, I mean there are just so many different options in Kansas City and the barbecue is just great. You can’t really go wrong with Arthur Bryant’s and I really like Oklahoma Joe’s as well.

Do you have a go to dish when you go out?

Not really. I just want to taste everything I can.

How about when you’re on the road? Have you found any gems so far while traveling during your rookie season?

I can’t really say. I’m not a big foodie. I just kind of like simple food. The things that I like.

And when you go out, do you go out with any particular members of the team?

I mean, being a lineman, that’s who I usually go out with. We kind of go out in a group from time to time and that’s always fun.

Besides sampling Kansas City barbecue, I know that you’ve also been kept busy with some activities that come along with being the #1 pick in the NFL Draft. Can you explain some of those to me?

Yeah, well I’ve been working with Tide as one of their 32 Color Captains—one for each of the NFL teams. Back in April during the draft I started a partnership with Tide and we’ve had a pretty good relationship ever since then. Basically, there’s a lot of cool things going on in Kansas City (aside from the barbecue) with the team doing so well and there have been a lot of great photos taken of the crowd, the stadium, all focusing on the team colors. Fans have been joining in on Twitter using #Ourcolors to kind of just share what they have been doing, whether it’s what they are eating while they tailgate, or just supporting the team. As a rookie, it’s been a great way to get to know the people of the city.

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