Worn Out Wednesday – Vincent Marino

Today we hear from the French restaurateur Vincent Marino.

As a Cannes native, I was raised on the French Riviera and surrounded by the hospitality industry. My grandparents owned a hotel and restaurant in the South of France; it was a natural progression for me to work within this environment. I began traveling the world in my teens because it was the easiest way to meet people and become immersed in city culture. I had worked in the trendiest spot in Sydney and the dodgiest one in Barcelona while passing by the chillest beach bar in the Canary Islands.

Curious by nature, my adventures spanned the UK, India, Australia, Spain, Italy, Canada, the US, and others as I began studying the arts (theater) and world languages. Back in Paris, with Experimental Cocktail Group, I spent six years developing and opening bars and clubs in London, Paris, and New York. I have since put my roots down in New York City and directed all of my creative energies into my new life and venture, Loosie Rouge and Loosie’s Kitchen.

My first project, Loosie Rouge embodies all of my experiences and is a creative space that mixes all of the amazing ideas and concepts I encountered during my travels. I put all of my love into what I call a public house rather than a simple bar or restaurant where people can meet, enjoy, drink, and eat after a long day.

As for Vincent’s personal style:

Jeans: Acne Studio skinny or Cheap Monday – Just love the cuts and I can wear them everyday.

Shirts: Cacharel and for a cheaper option I like J. Crew and American Apparel. 

Suits: the one and only, Dior.

Shoes: I have plenty of different pairs of shoes. I love to collect them, but I will always wear a pair of Converse Black All Stars and some Nike vintage.

Accessories: I collect hats and caps from all my travels, but my favorite is a “vintage ranger hat” I found not long ago in Alabama. 
I also wear a Jaeger Lecoultre 1974 Reverso, a present from my parents for my 30th birthday.

Outerwear: I have a collection of leather jackets, and I just bought a Burberry trench a few weeks ago; I’m waiting for a fine rain to wear it.

Favorite Cologne: I used to wear X Centric from Dunhill but switched recently because it was very hard to find it in the U.S.  L’eau d’Issey from Issey Miyake is my new partner.

Your favorite App: Shazam

Favorite piece of technology: my laptop

Next tech purchase: a new laptop

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