Stay High with Quiksilver’s Josh Rush

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Today we speak to Quiksilver‘s Creative Director on his career and style:

I was brought up in a coastal town in Southern Australia, Phillip Island. At the age of 13 I picked up a sponsorship from Quiksilver and for the next six years I spent my time traveling and competing. I moved to Torquay, on the opposite coast of Australia, and finished my schooling there in my later years. Throughout high school I focused on design, art and surfing – it was there I became good friends with the children of Quiksilver’s founders, Allen Green and John Law, who started the company back in 1969. At this time, the culture and friendships were what drew me to the brand, and obviously my love of surfing was at the center of this attraction.

After finishing high school I made the decision to stop following my childhood dream of surfing, and to continue studying graphics – really focusing on a new chapter in design. To make cash on the side while studying, I started working at Quiksilver’s warehouse; two years later, at 19, there was an opening as a Junior Artist, which I took. After one year, I was chucked into the deep end and was named the Senior Boardshort Designer for Quiksilver Australia. I spent the next six years on boardshorts, with the last two evolving into a shared Art Director position for Quiksilver Australia.

I reached 25 and had a midlife crisis and needed a sea change. I quit my job and went traveling through Europe. It was there I met the newly appointed CEO of Quiksilver, Pierre Agnes, and he saw something in me and offered me a job. He said quiet bluntly with his French accent, “You start here in three weeks, if you don’t like it… fuck off.” Haha! I cut my trip in half and flew back to Australia – that was five plus years ago and I haven’t looked back.

I was fortunate to have great mentors who helped me in my next chapter – Brett Chittenden (Creative/Design Director DC Shoes) and Simon Buttonshaw (Quiksilver previous 10yr+ Global Creative Director).  Both continue to be good friends and creative sparing partners. I also have the privilege of working with the creative studio from Melbourne called Urchin, they have been working along side us for the journey and even helped me do my first folio! Cheers, boys.

I recently finished up 2.5 years as Global Design Director, focusing on apparel, and have since moved into the role of Creative Director with primary function of aligning the product and marketing visual identity and voice. Since transitioning into the role, my team and I have been working on a new project that we’re really excited to launch later this year – it’s a great mix of function and style that really epitomizes the Quiksilver culture.

As for my personal style:


Black jeans, also shameless plug for my mate’s new denim brand DIG.


Vintage workwear and flannel shirts, Acne chambray. My go-to tees are typically Quik – really great basics with rad designs – no bias here.


Black jeans 


Wetsuits mainly, I live in the Cypher 4/3mm, it’s the best – and suits for funerals and weddings


Vans old skewl and Converse Chuck Taylors




Quiksilver Down Jacket (we’re the best at snow, what can I say), vintage Levis denim jacket, Acne biker jacket

Favorite Cologne:

No favorite, plenty of options living in France

Your favorite App:


 Favorite piece of technology:

BOSE Noise cancelling headphones

Next tech purchase:

New iMac for home studio


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