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What to Wear: Warm Weather Getaway

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Out here on the East Coast we’re freezing our bums off wishing we were some place more tropical. Some of us are stuck in the snow, but others — like our own Cator Sparks, who is on a boat in Costa Rica — are off gallivanting around in warmer weather. We envy him. He gets to shed his parka, gloves and scarf for something a little lighter. Grab a lively button-up shirt to get rid of the winter blahs, throw on a pair of shorts, and white sneakers, like the Stan Smith adidas. Most importantly of all, get a pair of ill sunglasses; we suggest the Illesteva Milan II Havanas. Then you’ll be set for beachside walks and strolling through cobblestone streets.

Clockwise, L-R: RVCA Alsweiler Shelf Shirt, $56 at; Illesteva Milan II Havana Sunglasses, $300 at; Will Leather Goods Canvas Duffel Bag, $250 at; adidas Stan Smith Shoes, $75 at; RVCA Weekender Shorts, $39.95 at

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