What to Wear: Warm Weather Getaway

wear warm weather getaway what to

Out here on the East Coast we’re freezing our bums off wishing we were some place more tropical. Some of us are stuck in the snow, but others — like our own Cator Sparks, who is on a boat in Costa Rica — are off gallivanting around in warmer weather. We envy him. He gets to shed his parka, gloves and scarf for something a little lighter. Grab a lively button-up shirt to get rid of the winter blahs, throw on a pair of shorts, and white sneakers, like the Stan Smith adidas. Most importantly of all, get a pair of ill sunglasses; we suggest the Illesteva Milan II Havanas. Then you’ll be set for beachside walks and strolling through cobblestone streets.

Clockwise, L-R: RVCA Alsweiler Shelf Shirt, $56 at rvca.com; Illesteva Milan II Havana Sunglasses, $300 at illesteva.com; Will Leather Goods Canvas Duffel Bag, $250 at shop.nordstrom.com; adidas Stan Smith Shoes, $75 at adidas.com; RVCA Weekender Shorts, $39.95 at rvca.com