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Wallet Wise

As January, the first month of the New Year, comes to a close, let’s take a look at being fiscally fit and wallet wise for 2014. Wallets have come a long way from knapsacks tied to your belt when coins first came into prominence to the wallet app that launched just two years ago. A new one is a great way to flex your style muscle and have something solid to rock the rest of your year. From work to weekend, here are a few options.

Bison Made – Made with Horween leather from Chicago, this wallet is hand sewn with a unique baseball stitch pattern that gives it a contoured sleeve, designed to perfectly fit the iPhone.

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Joules – Navy leather is quite the trend for wallets in 2014. British brand Joules says it’ll get “more distinguished with every scratch and scrape.” Featuring a screen print of a rainbow trout on the interior, this small detail speaks volumes of its owner.

Miansai – Long Wallet features five slots for your cards and cash. It’s made of Italian, full grain calf skin and 24k gold plated eyelet and nylon rope with brass hardware.

Filson – A combo of cotton canvas and bridle leather makes this wallet not only durable but lighter weight and cool. A great feature is a place for your private cash stash. This wallet gets even better after years of use.

Fossil – A classic Glen plaid pattern in an updated bifold wallet. This lightweight desk-to-destination style is compact and preppy with six slots for your credit cards.

Will Leather Goods – From The Cibreo Collection and inspired by the finest restaurant in Florence, this Italian calfskin wallet may compete for the softest one #ever.

Stewart/Stand – This is a vegan wallet made of more than 85 percent post-consumer recycled stainless steel. Using RIFD technology, this is a great pairing of tech and style.

Editors' Recommendations

Accessorize in Horween Style with Nomad Goods
Nomad Goods

Due in large part to the fact smartphones aren't cheap, it's incredibly important to find a proper case to keep the thing protected at all times. Enter Nomad Goods and its lineup of gorgeous Horween leather accessories, including a selection of beautiful, nondescript leather cases for any iPhone version 6 or newer. Traditionally constructed — so that it has the ability to age gracefully — Nomad's iPhone cases (and it's entire leather selection, for that matter) are one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your accessory game without sacrificing style.

So what makes the iPhone cases so great? Aside from the fact Horween-produced leather is perhaps the cream of the leather crop — its Chicago tannery is the oldest in America — the case offers screen edge protection, an interior microfiber finish to prevent scratches, and wide openings around the ports to support larger cables. Furthermore, the product runs just shy of $45 and can easily become the last case you'd ever buy for your phone — it's that durable.

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Contact Sports: 20 of the Best Business Card Cases
best business card cases

If those ubiquitous Vistaprint television commercials aren’t enough to convince you that exchanging printed-on-paper business cards is still important in this increasingly digital age, think about Japan for a minute. There, this longstanding professional tradition is so revered that there’s a name for it–meishi koukan–and there are strict ceremonial rules to know and follow to avoid insulting a new business contact by treating his card, which is considered an extension of his very self, with utmost respect. These include extending your card (with your name facing the recipient) with both hands and never EVER taking your colleague’s card and placing it into your pocket instead of a secure, old-fashioned card case.

Whether you travel to Tokyo often or your only contact with Japanese culture has been watching an old Godzilla rerun on a Saturday night, there’s something to be said for such formalities; pulling out a stack of your own cards that’s bound by a ratty rubber band, for instance, will look like bad form in both Kalamazoo and Kyoto.

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Guarded Goods’ Handmade Wallets Are All You Need
Guarded Goods Bulwark

When you get home from a long day of work, you probably unwind with a beer and some Netflix. Not Jesse Ducommun. Ducommun instead comes home from his day job working as a business analyst at a cereal company and uses his free time to work with leather. He makes everything from wallets to envelope clutches—a great Valentine's Day gift for the special lady in your life, guys, cough cough—for his one-man leather goods company Guarded Goods.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Ducommun works with everything from shell cordovan from Horween Leather—the same tannery that makes the leather for NFL footballs—to stingray. The company, which offers beautiful bifolds, trifolds, card holders, and lanyards (among other things) began when, in 2013, Ducommun decided he needed a new wallet. Now, he says, he’s making upwards of 1,000 wallets per year. And it's no wonder. His high-quality products are simple, functional, and handsome.

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