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Vico Footwear Brings European ‘Street Cred’

At the Manual we take pride in introducing brands we love. Our latest discovery hasn’t arrived on this side of the pond yet. Dutch brand Vico Footwear caught our attention with their fresh take on men’s casual footwear. Founded in 2012, the company produces their entire product line in Portugal with European leathers and recycled products. Inspired by global neighborhoods the brand’s name Vico is taken from the Latin word “vicus”, which stands for ‘in the street’. And the “street cred” on these kicks is legit. They are attention grabbers.

Their latest line The Veneto Collection features versatile summer footwear that you will want to show off. Vico uses a contrast of recycled leathers, denim and suede, so each shoe has a little more charisma than your average sneaker. Their Bowery (New York-inspired of course) and Boavista are our favorite summer shoes for their color palates of blues, browns and ochre. If a high top is more your flavor –check out the Marylebone. This shoe is their high-contrast version of the Chukka boots that took Fall by hostage last year. Note that Vico’s ‘fitting guide’ said their shoes may feel tight when you first try them on because of the strong leathers they use. After a couple wears they usually stretch out to a perfect fit. They also recommend going up a size if you are between sizes. No U.S. retailers are selling the brand just yet, but their online shop does ship to U.S. customers. It also appears to offer all of the styles and collections available to European customers. Prices points run between $100-$200. We noticed much of the summer styles are marked down about between $50 and $60 too. Check Vico out for yourself here. Bought a pair? Share with us on Instagram and Facebook. Tag Vico at @VicoMovement.

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