The Manual Wind: Tissot PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph

the manual wind tissot prs 516 automatic chronograph
t1004271105100Watch popularity is ever-growing.  The smart phones and smart watches hold no flame to the allure of the timepiece.  With this continued interest, brands that offer great value are cashing in.  Greater interest leads to new designs.  One brand poised to ride this wave over the next few years is Tissot.  The Swatch Group owned brand has the means, the name, and is now making sure it has the watches.  Its latest introduction. the PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph, is one of the best looking sport chronographs for the money i have seen lately.

At a 45mm in diameter, the steel case with ceramic bezel is certainly sporty.  A textured dial in either grey with t1004271605100-_3red accents or black with yellow accents keep with the theme.  The symmetrical dial, with date function at six and two registers, is a look reminiscent of some of the current Omega Speedmasters.  Inside lies a Swiss ETA automatic Chronograph movement with 54 hours of power reserve.  Straps with matching color accents in red or yellow or the option for a metal bracelet complete the timepiece.

Sporty, well sized, and automatic mechanical check some important boxes.  One of the most important boxes also checked is value.  At an msrp of $2,200, this is a lot of watch for the money.  Tissot is stepping up their marketing with new sponsorships, and it seems they are backing it up with product.  Take a look at this new piece here.

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