The Manual Wind: The Modern Tool Watch – Tudor Pelagos

Tudor Pelagos
The term “tool watch” is a common phrase in the vintage watch world.  Not used as often to describe a modern timepiece, ‘tool watch’ is usually used by collectors describing their deep love for the their vintage dive watches.  A brand with dive heritage deep enough to maintain this term is Tudor.  Built for a purpose, the modern production piece by Tudor that has been able to define this term is the Pelagos.


First introduced in a black dial and bezel, this 42mm mono-block titanium case has been reissued in an amazing blue.  Legibility for diving has been maintained with classic Tudor design details.  Large indexes, bezel numbers, and of course snowflake hour hand are prominent and glow brightly in the depths.  A helium escape valve on the side of the case insures that dives do not harm the in-house seventy hour power reserve movement upon ascent.

A standout function of this piece is the titanium bracelet with dive extension.  This patented buckle is capable of adjusting even at depth to allow for the change in pressure.  Above ground this makes for a nice comfortable fit even when no tools are handy.  Also available with a matching rubber strap, the buckle has easy adjustments for this as well.


Testing on Lake Geneva near the Tudor headquarters as well as in other dive locations around the world has helped Tudor maintain the definition of tool watch.  Legibility, comfort, and easy adjustment make for a divers companion.  The Pelagos has what it takes to be just that.  Consistant with other pieces in the Tudor line,  the Pelagos is also well priced.  Previously i have called the Tudor Black Bay the best watch for the money.  The Pelagos is certainly the best dive watch for the money.  Priced at just under $4,000, this modern ‘tool watch’ would make a great addition to the collection.

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