The Lexdray Ibiza Pack – For the DJ in All of Us

We have all been there, it’s late at night, you have had way too many cocktails and all of a sudden you think you can DJ. Then you proceed to either scratch someone’s favorite record or send someone’s iPod into a shuffle they never knew they had. Regardless, we all have a little DJ inside of us. One way to feel the part is to carry the new Ibiza pack from Lexdray.

Designed in collaboration with world-renowned  DJ’s – Clark Kent and Young Guru. Together the three strategically measured everything a DJ would typically carry with them to a gig to make sure there was a storage unit for each and all essentials. The front section of the pack is composed of two zippered pockets, designed to carry small valuables likes batteries, memory cards, flash drives and a cell phone. The second section of the pack has six mesh zippered pockets designed to house cords of all kinds. Opposite the zippered pockets are four padded slots measured to hold a Shure needle case, hard drive, Serato SL4 and head phones. The third compartment was created for 6-8 records while the fourth can hold up to an 18’’ laptop as well as an iPad. The last section has a rear compartment, designed to store CDs and the bottom of the bag is water-resistant and includes five small but sturdy feet so the bag sits upright at all times.

Lexdray is a company that is all about quality bags. The designer, Alex, is inspired by Japanese craftsmanship as well as old-school quality with new-world refinement and functionality. Every pocket has been measured to hold specific items since your gym bag requires a different design than your weekender or your duffel bag.

In conjunction with the DJ Pack, Lexdray is also proud to present its City Series Mix – a new weekly series that will feature DJ’s from around the world. Each DJ will produce a mix named after a city they feel represents them as an artist. You can download their mix for free directly from, so check back each week for new mixes from your favorite DJs. And if you really feel the need to DJ, please practice solo before you break out your scratches in public.

Lexdray Ibiza Pack

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