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TGIF Shopping: Valentine’s Day Reds

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day, for many, is up there with Arbor Day as far as important holiday’s go. If you’re single, it’s just another day, only this one being spent reminded of your singlehood, often as though its some sort of affliction that you should repent for.

Even for those in a relationship, the holiday is often plagued with confusion as to the proper or best way to show your loved one that you love them – as though that’s not always the case.


While V-Day might typically be known as more of a card giving, dinner buying, baby making holiday then a traditional gift-giving occasion, we’d like to buck that trend.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your special man (it’s okay if you are your own special man) or just need an occasion to throw on some reds, here’s a list of all-red V-Day clothes and accessories to keep your spirits loved and loving.

Smith Boxer Brief, Richer Poorer, $24

Sabato Penny, Florsheim, $130

Superflex Solid, Vilebrequin, $260

Seiko Bell-Matic Collectible Japanese Alarm Men Vintage Watch, True Facet, $899

Bloody Mary Mix, Hatchery, $8

The Hunter’s Shirt, Ball and Buck, $86.90

Red Canvas Men’s Classics, TOMS, $48
Red and Navy Cubed Gingham Button-Down Collar, Combatant Gentleman, $40

Plattan ADV Wireless, Urbanears, $99

PO 3007S, Persol, $230

Red Chinos, Acustom Apparel, $175

Men’s 5 Pocket Cord Pant, Tailor Vintage, $109

T-Rex Cufflinks, Fab, $55

All Over Penguin Swim, Original Penguin, $69

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