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Sunglass Tint Matters More Than Style

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Days are getting shorter but the sun can still hurt your eyeballs, so right around now, it’s time to start thinking about sunglasses in terms of specific function rather than everyday wear. And, turns out, the tint of your sunglasses is more than just a statement of style; if you’re doing anything other than walking around the city, above and beyond, tint a matter of eye performance. From hues that enhance driving to those that make snow less abrasive, the tint you pick matters. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you make some choices.

1—Driving At high speeds, things can get blurry. Grey, green and brown colored lenses reduce color distortion and make signs easier to read. Polarized lenses will also reduce glare.

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2—Snow sports All that white can start to blend together and makes your eyes tired. Look for amber, which increase visibility on grey and white surfaces, or those with mirrored lenses which reduce glare and fatigue.

3—Beach Vacation It’s hard work lying out on a beach all day, n’est pas? No? Well, it is for your eyes, which are dealing with an overflow of sunlight. Go with mirrored lenses; they keep your eyes from getting tired.

4—Golf, Baseball Yellow is the magic color for athletes. They block out blue light which increase depth perception. Just don’t take them driving since they tend to blur traffic light colors.

5—Fishing, Sailing, Waterskiing Seeing the world though rose-tinted glasses isn’t just for optimists. Shades tinted this way are great for anyone who enjoys a good amount of time on the water. This is because they improve contrast between blue and green, making a watery landscape look more detailed.

6—Mountain climbing, high altitude hiking This close to the sun? You want mirrors on your eyes to keep them from getting overworked. Before we send you off, remember this: 400 UV Sun protection is the standard and all shades should have it. But the darker the shades, the more important it is to find a pair that have quality protection. Why? UV protection doesn’t have to do with the tint and darker shades open your pupils more, intern exposing them to more damage.

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