Westcomb Outdoor Jackets With Urban Intentions

Fall is here and winter is creeping around the corner. The time for winter commutes to the subway that feel like crossing the tundra are almost here. Thankfully, Westcomb, the outdoor brand synonymous with mountaineers, has just the thing to keep you comfortable and looking sharp. This Fall Westcomb debuted its Soho Jacket and Pemberton Parka. Both are made from Schoeller® c-changeTM fabric, which essentially adapts to your body temperature. The fabric constantly opens and closes during temperature shifts (aka it actually breathes). Both jackets have this material throughout for optimal comfort whether you’ret trying to keep warm walking or trying not to overheat on the subway.

The Soho Jacket comes in a pavement gray with no hood. It’s made of Schoeller® c-changeTM face wool and has a relaxed fit. It’s definitely your jacket for the daily winter commute. The Pemberton Parka comes in black and fits from your head down to your knees. It’s made of premium Canadian Hutterite Down without the marshmallow man look. It’s the Don Draper of down coats. You’ll want to break this beast out for this winter’s blizzards or that nor’easter.

Soho Jacket, $500

Pemberton Parka, $600

Find these at select outdoor retailers REI.com  or at Westcomb.com