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Nordstrom’s Virtual Styling Help Has You Covered, and Looking Good!

Have you ever had one of those moments while browsing clothing where you’re just ready to throw in the towel? Maybe you’re not big on style and fashion, or maybe you were in the past but fell out of favor? Or, maybe you just don’t care all that much, despite wanting to look your best. We’ve all been there, I know I have. Wouldn’t it be great to have direct access to your own stylist for fashion advice? That’s precisely the idea behind Nordstrom’s style help program.

Offering a breadth of styling services, covering both virtual and physical domains, Nordstrom support runs the gamut, from quick fashion advice, to fit tips, and outfit recommendations. If you want a whole new wardrobe and some help picking out the best styles, well, they can do that too! Sounds pretty crazy, but equally awesome! Personal stylers are already doling out excellent advice that’s helping men transition back into fashion, but you don’t have to be a guru to get involved. For obvious reasons, the best approach right now is to use Nordstrom’s digital services whether online or through their app. You can head on over to Nordstrom’s site right now to weigh your options or book an appointment with a stylist! You can also keep reading to learn more about the great styling services they offer!

How Does Nordstrom’s Style Help Service Work?

Nordstrom Virtual Styling Appointments

Nordstrom offers both in-store experiences and virtual help, namely via the brand’s website. But virtual stylists are your best option right now, as it’s safer, more intimate, and frankly, it’s just a really cool experience overall. Here’s how it works: First, you book a free appointment on the site to meet with a virtual stylist. At the designated time you connect with your personalized stylist through a 30-minute video chat to get one-on-one advice, fit tips, outfit recommendations, and to discuss all things fashion. During the appointment, you’ll also be asked to share a little about yourself like your preferences, sizes, and other needs. After the meeting is over, you’ll get a host of outfit and clothing ideas, which are just that, ideas. You are under no pressure to buy anything from your stylist.

Alternatively, if video chats and social calls aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s still a pretty cool service you can use to try out items before you buy them. It’s called the Nordstrom Trunk Club and it works similarly to the style service. You share a little about yourself in an exclusive style quiz, and with that information, a stylist puts together a personalized trunk of items. You can order as many trunks as you want, and there’s no subscription to pay. There is a $25 styling fee that goes towards the purchase of pieces in your trunk. When the trunk arrives, you can try everything on, see how it fits, and decide what you like, and what you don’t. If you like what they send, you can keep it, paying only for the items you want. Everything else is sent back, and shipping, returns, and exchanges are all free.

Some of Nordstrom's stylists offering fashion and style help.

If you’re curious about the team of stylists working directly with Nordstrom, you can browse their active roster at any time. You can also see the outfits and styles they’ve put together through their profiles.

One of the most important things to note about Nordstrom’s digital services is that you can take advantage no matter where you are, even if there are no stores nearby. Both the styling help and the Trunk club — to try before you buy — are available to everyone! So, go ahead and take full advantage of what’s available!

What Else Does Nordstrom Offer?

Nordstrom Trunk Club

Nordstrom offers a whole lot more than virtual styling services, however. They will tailor items and make alterations, offer special occasion styling and in-store fittings, and even provide beauty and spa services like brow shaping, nail styling, skincare consultations, and makeup applications. Of course, you can also take advantage of the freebies, including free curbside pickup, free in-store pick up, free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges. That’s on top of the free styling help and beyond. At the risk of getting real repetitive with our words, there’s a lot to love about Nordstrom’s digital and virtual services, so don’t sleep on them!

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