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How to Get Free Online Styling or Gifting Advice from Nordstrom Before You Shop for the Holidays

Do you need help buying gifts for others? When you’re shopping for someone special, a sales attendant who focuses only on deals doesn’t hit the mark. And if you want to change up your look, personal guidance to a new signature style goes beyond discount percentages. You may think in these busy, cautiously-distanced times that online shopping snuffs out personal services. But Nordstrom says, “No.” Sticking to 120 years of customer-first tradition, Nordstrom hasn’t abandoned personal service, offering a range of virtual services if you don’t want to leave your home.

Nordstrom Virtual Services

Nordstrom offers a variety of virtual personal services, all for free and in the comfort of your own home. You can make an appointment for consultations with Nordstrom stylists for virtual gifting advice and for help defining or punching up your own signature style. How about setting up a virtual styling consultation as a gift for a friend? Nordy’s does that. Nordstrom’s try-it-before-you-buy-it Trunk Club is a great way to see for yourself what how you look in styles a Nordstrom stylist suggests. Nordstrom offers in-store styling services as well, but its array of virtual styling assistance reinforces the importance of personal services — all free of charge with no pressure to buy.

Virtual Gift Help

Nordstrom Gift Suggestions with person carrying wrapped presents.

For personalized assistance selecting the right gifts for special people, you can book a free 30-minute Virtual Gift Help appointment. You and a Nordstrom gifting expert you select will connect by video. The gifting specialist will guide your choices based what your input about the gift recipients and will also let you know about the gifts and brands such as Henna + Hijabs hijabs and headscarves, BP. + Wildfang for fresh textures and prints, and Nordstrom by Cristina Martinez for bold clothing and decorative items that are the most sought-after this season. You can purchase gifts during the consult, but there’s no sales pressure and the stylist can give you the gift links for further consideration.

Virtual Styling: Women’s or Men’s Fashion Experts

Nordstrom Virtual Styling Appointment on a smartphone.

Stuck on what to buy to emphasize your personal style or looking for a change? Book a 30-minute free virtual stylist appointment with a Nordstrom women’s or men’s fashion expert. In either case, you’ll get one-on-one personalized advice and suggestions ranging from tailoring and fit, outfit recommendations, and full closet replacements. Before the video call the Nordstrom stylist will reach out to learn about your preferences, what you have, and your needs. During the call you’ll see suggestions from brands such as Zella for athletic wear, Halogen for work or play, and Treasure and Bond for on-trend essentials. There’s no pressure to buy and your expert can send you the links.

Virtual Styling for Someone Special

One of Nordstrom’s virtual services is a unique gift. With the Nordstrom Virtual Styling for Someone Special, you can give book a free 30-minute video styling consultation for another person as a gift. Since neither you nor the recipient pay for the consultation, follows logically that you might also give a Nordstrom gift certificate so the giftee will have money to spend, but that part isn’t required. As with a virtual styling consult you book for yourself, after the appointment is set the Nordstrom stylist will reach out to learn about the person’s preferences and needs. During the video call the stylist may suggest and show items such as classic American prep with modern colors and print from the 1901 brand, modern-fitted menswear from Shop the Rail, Zella athletic wear, or luxurious selections from the Nordstrom Signature collection.

Nordstrom Trunk Club

A woman laughing and holding a Nordstrom Trunk Club box.

The Nordstrom Trunk Club gives you the opportunity to shop Nordstrom’s top brands without leaving home. With this virtual service, you start by taking an online style quiz. You can order a trunk on your own schedule whenever you feel like it — or not at all. Nordstrom will send a box of clothing and accessories in your size in styles and at a budget level that fits your needs. You can apply the $25 styling fee for the box toward the purchase price of any items you decide to keep. Send the rest back at no cost  — shipping and returns are both free.

Nordstrom Virtual Styling Events

Nordstrom Virtual Styling Events on a laptop.

You can RSVP to attend Nordstrom live virtual events. Upcoming Nordstrom Live events include Holiday Style with the Kavianis, founders of the Naked Wardrobe brand, as they present their holiday collection. Check out the Holiday Series: Quick and Easy Gifts. Every other Friday Nordstrom Fashion Editor Kate Bellman shares her tips for selecting the season’s best styles from your favorite brands. If you miss the live events or want to watch them again, recent events such as Make it Luxe: The Gift of Luxury and Make it Glam: Holiday Outfitting are a mouse click away.

Nordstrom In-Store Services

Beyond the virtual services, Nordstrom offers its traditional in-store styling services. You can set an appointment to meet with a free in-store personal stylist or a free in-store beauty stylist. In either case, you book your free appointment, answer select questions about your preferences, sizes, products, and routines, plus any specific needs or goals you have. When you meet, your stylist will have some suggestions and recommendations. In the case of clothing, it will be ready to try on. The stylists don’t pressure you to buy, but you can if you want to. The stylist can also send you links to any items of interest.

Additional Nordstrom in-store services include a free appointment with a certified bra fitter, in-store gift help, alterations experts who can help you with the tailoring or fit you need with Nordstrom purchases and your own clothing. Nordstrom also offers special occasion styling with in-store fittings so you can look your best when it matters most. Lastly, you can give someone special the gift of free in-store styling.

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