Nike wants you to skate in these Air Jordans

If you’re thinking your casual footwear could use some work, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Air Jordan 1s. A classic design in understated colorways, the AJ1 has shaped sneaker and sports culture since its initial debut in 1985. The Lance Mountain Nike SB x Jordan 1 collaboration throws a new twist on an old idea, while still appealing to fans of the original.

When the NBA fined Michael Jordan for playing in his black and red Air Jordan 1s his rookie year, Nike paid the fine and urged him to continue wearing the shoes. Skaters quickly adopted the shoe for its performance features — firm ankle support, Nike air technology, and great padding. They wore them into the ground, putting tremendous strain on them, and decorated them with paint and markers to imbue them with the DIY culture of skateboarding.

Nike tapped legendary skate icons Craig Stecyk and Lance Mountain to finally bring the Nike SB and Air Jordan brands officially together. Stecyk’s art and photography catapulted Mountain and other skateboarding pioneers into the spotlight as they continued to revolutionize the sport they helped define.

As a nod to the days of beat-up, mismatched Air Jordans, the Lance Mountain Nike SB X Jordan 1 comes with two different shoes. Both embellish the classic black base that originally made the shoes so rebellious when they first appeared on the scene, one featuring hints of red, while a royal-blue sole and Nike’s iconic swoosh accent the other. Both shoes are encased in white or black paint, leaving only the sole to indicate there’s any color underneath. As you wear and skate in the shoes, the paint will begin to rub off, revealing the smattering of colors.

Local skate shops and Nike’s official website will offer a limited quantity of the Nike SB X Jordan 1 on June 7, 2014. Still, you’ll want to plan ahead if you hope to get your hands on a pair.

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