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Nifty Genius takes style curation to a whole new level

nifty genius
Inspired by both a love for fashion and a frustration at how it reached the consumer, James Costa, Larry Lemons and Jared Cook (the founders of style destination Nifty Genius) developed the Curated Menswear Experience, a direct-to-consumer collection that puts the latest fashion and lifestyle trends right into the hands of their customers.


What sets this curated experience apart is that it isn’t solely focused on clothing—it also features  bags, footwear, headwear, accessories, vintage watches, furnishings and even cars.

“It’s taking that mentality of style profiling to the next level,” remarked Costa. “We want to meet every aspect of our customer’s style needs, from what products he uses in his bathroom to what kind of car he drives off in.”

The items available for purchase come from a large assortment of well-known brands, including Rolex, Porsche, Lucky Bastard, Crosby Square and Jaguar, just to name a few.

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Though a major focus of Nifty Genius is on providing its customers with a wide selection of products from several third-party vendors, the brand also has its own independent clothing line.

The Nifty Genius collection features a selection of  button-down shirts in stripes, solids and checkered-prints ($95-$115), patterned and solid blazers ($325), pleated pants ($115) and solid-colored chinos ($105). The pieces come in muted tones of blue, black and gray.

Additionally, all the garments feature the use of ultra-suede technology, a microfiber that doesn’t crack, fade or stretch. The soft material appears along the seams of the pieces and in their labels, which are individualized with laser-etched illustrations and script.


As it stands now, customers are able to handpick items from the various vendors à la carte, but Costa says the brand will incorporate specialized curation into the shopping experience by the end of the year.

“We’re planning to expand the site into a full-on concierge service,” he described. “The idea is that a customer can select articles of clothing he likes and then get suggestions about items that would pair well with his personal aesthetic.”

Check out the website, here.

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