From Sheep Farm to Style Arbiter, Nicholas Pakradooni Tells His Tale

For this week’s Worn Out Wednesday, we hear from Nicholas Pakradooni on how he went from sheep farm to fashion influencer.

My name is Nicholas! I’m twenty-three and I currently live in Los Angeles, but I was raised in Pennsylvania, on a sheep farm twenty minutes away from Amish-country. I’m not kidding! I have an artist for a mother, and a family that loves to travel, so I spent a lot of time exploring museums in New York City or just taking photos in my backyard with my mom’s camera. Art and photography were always just hobbies for the most part. I didn’t even really do any arts in high school besides theater, and I didn’t study it in college. I did always have an interest in personal style, and when I moved to Paris in 2013, I started to understand fashion a lot more—or at least it sparked a stronger interest!

Nicholas Pacradooni

Loving fashion and photography led me to Instagram, where I started posting my personal style and other miscellaneous photos, but I had no idea that it could lead to an actual career. After attracting an audience of my own, I caught the attention of fashion blogger, Aimee Song, who asked me to join the Song of Style team about two years ago. I am still happily with Song of Style, where I shoot the photos and create content for the blog, as well as film and edit our weekly YouTube videos, and manage our interns and editorial calendar. Every day at work is different from the last and I’m super excited for the future.

As for my personal style:

Jeans: I have a thing for Korean and Japanese denim. I’m also super jealous of women’s denim because it can be so much cooler than men’s. I have a pair of PLAC jeans that I got on a recent trip to Korea on repeat. Right now I’m into buying my jeans extra long and doing a five or six inch cuff.

Shirts: I don’t really have a favorite shirt, but I am into a camp-collar right now and I think that Alessandro Michele can do no wrong. I do wear a lot of sweaters and sweatshirts and I’ve been loving this Acne Studios sweater with zipper detail on the side. I’m actually wearing it right now.

Pants: Vince Drop-Rise Cropped Drawstring pants, or the Maison Scotch ‘Owen’ Pinstripe Trousers. I used to only wear skinny fit, but I think there’s something really flattering and polished about a wider leg pant.

Suits: I haven’t found my perfect suit yet. I just had one custom made by Indochino that I like a lot though.

Shoes: My every day shoe is the Uri Minkoff Covent Sneaker, or the Common Projects Achilles Sneaker

Accessories: I love rings. I wear a Gucci Lion’s Head ring pretty much every day, mix-matched with some others that I got from different flea markets. I also just got a Peyote Bird beaded bracelet that I haven’t taken off yet. I’m also a sunglasses guy. My current favorites are the Garrett Leight “McKinley” with salmon lenses. I love them because I can go back to Garrett Leight and they’ll change out the lenses. I think my next move is blue.

Outerwear: Simon Miller Denim Jacket with pins on it

Cologne: Le Labo Santal 33 or Rose 31

App: VSCO cam

Tech: iPhone 7 Plus

Next Style Purchase: Gucci Trousers

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