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Mott and Bow Just Released Your New Favorite Oxford Shirt

Matt & Bow Oxfords. Mott and Bow
Pair up your favorite Mott and Bow denim with your new favorite Oxford shirt — also from Mott and Bow, as luck would have it. As of this week, the quick-growing E-commerce retailer is expanding its product line once again, making them a brand to watch, shop and wear as often as you can.

Founded by Alejandro Chanin — who grew up in a family of denim makers and launched the brand in New York City — Mott and Bow has made waves in the menswear industry for its focus on quality, affordability and a range of styles Those styles include everything from classic light wash denim to twill denim and cotton denim shirts — all versatile, stylish and again affordable.

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The introduction of Oxfords in seven (yes, seven!) colors represents another step forward for the brand.The shirts themselves are made from 100 percent Italian cotton from the famed Albiate mill — as good a place to go as any when producing high-quality shirts.

Matt & Bow Oxfords

The new Oxford is also offered in two collar options (a traditional button-down collar and a more continental spread collar). Either should wear with ease on its own or underneath any number of summer style staples — think a khaki cotton blazer and slim grey chinos for the work week and then classic white canvas sneakers and dark denim for a casual weekend outing.

It’s feasible that you could put together the main pieces of your daily ensemble with only Mott and Bow pieces. The brand’s classic, quality denim — offered in fits from Skinny to a straight cut — would be a perfect match for one of these easily wearable Oxfords, especially in classic white.

Matt & Bow Oxfords

And as pleasing as they are aesthetically, the shirts feature design nuances that are fitting, too. Take the lowered second button to avoid constricting your neck, or the bottom button — placed proportionately based on the size of the shirt. The brand also designed these shirts to be worn tucked in or untucked — a helpful design touch that should be appreciated by guys who like to wear their Oxford shirts casually. To wit: Take the navy Oxford, pair it up with slim grey denim and brown leather boots, and wear it untucked to an outdoor festival or concert this summer.

If you’re feeling a little more classic, pair the light blue Oxford with khaki chinos and a lightweight navy blazer for easy summer style — with Oxfords this affordably priced (just $89), consider your summer (and fall, and winter) shirting all set.  Just don’t forget to stock up on Mott and Bow denim as you shop the brand’s new shirting — you can dig it, right?

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