Looking for the Perfect Denim Shirt? Look No Further than Mott & Bow

If you’re looking for a lightweight, denim button-up to lead you from spring into summer, then look no further than direct-to-consumer denim maker, Mott & Bow.

Known for their ability to produce extremely high-quality denim at a lower cost than other producers and retailers, Mott & Bow have taken their  integrated supply chain and direct-to-consumer model into the shirting world.

mott and bow

But they didn’t simply transfer business models–they did their research. Sourcing their 100% cotton fabrics directly from Albiate, Italy, and testing 14 different prototypes has allowed Mott & Bow to produce a streamlined, quality, and stylish denim shirt that prices in at $89-105 each.

In fact, Mott & Bow is so focused on detail that the spacing between buttons is different on each of their shirt sizes, which range from small to extra-large. Most brands have a standard button distance no matter the length of the shirt, which often creates puffed-gaps for guys who aren’t quite the right size for the spacing. We’ve all had that moment where we realized someone is looking through our shirt-gap at our exposed chest hair. Although it may be manly, it’s definitely not for public viewing. The bespoke button spacing also ensure that you’re not left with a too-short or too-long gap on the bottom of your shirt.

Straight out of the package the shirt is extremely soft and immediately ready for wear. This isn’t your average rough denim shirt; it’s refined, understated, and somewhat counterintuitively, professional in appearance. This shirt will work both in the office and outdoors.

Mott & Bow’s denim button-ups come in two styles:

Wythe ($105) Made from Mott & Bow’s heavier weight denim with two ply yarn, this version is available in light blue, medium bleu, and dark blue in both slim and semi-spread collar styles.

Graham ($89) This style is made with the company’s  lighter denim and offers the same style options as the Wythe above.

And, if you’re searching for a new pair of denim jeans, Mott & Bow has plenty of options–after all, it’s what they do.

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