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Just in time for Opening Day, Levi’s introduces its first MLB Collection

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On the heels of its uber-successful NFL Collection, the San Francisco-based clothing company Levi’s has opted to extend its reach in the sportswear sector by unveiling its ultra stylish MLB Collection. Released just in time for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day earlier in April, Levi’s newest collection not only allows fans of the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, or New York Yankees fly their team colors, but celebrates Levi’s’ historic style. Be it the iconic denim Trucker, a retro-styled Club Coat, or the company’s revered (and incredibly comfortable) Crew Neck, the collection is pure class.

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Aside from the fact Levi’s limited the available teams to just four of the thirty current MLB teams, the collection (which should no doubt perform incredibly well for the company) is a great foundation to what should be a recurring release. Unlike many sports-focused collections, Levi’s MLB Collection doesn’t just provide sports fans with a selection of gameday designed clothing but rather it’s an assortment of clothing that looks just as good worn casually as it does in a stadium.


“From crafting uniforms to dressing fans for gameday, Levi’s has been involved in the game of baseball for more than 100 years,” says Levi’s brand President James Curleigh. “We’re excited to continue that tradition with the Levi’s MLB Collection. There’s been a resurgence of baseball-influenced clothing in the past few years and Levi’s is in a unique position to create gear that can be worn to a game, but is stylish enough to wear in your everyday life.”

Boasting over 140 years as a style icon, Levi’s has made a name for itself by designing an eclectic and diverse lineup of clothing. In creating the MLB Collection, the company focused on developing a line of apparel that wasn’t just versatile but incredibly classy. On each of the offered pieces, Levi’s attached each team’s logo by either stitching on beautiful leather patches or chain stitch embroidering their respective emblem.


Levi’s MLB Collection is the third such sports-centered collection released by the company, following its inaugural Levi’s x 49ers Collection and its NFL Collection — which will expand to cover all 32 NFL teams prior to the 2016-17 NFL season. Fans of the Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, or Yankees (or anyone who just wants to rep a slick Levi’s crewneck) can head over to the company’s website to take a look at the entire collection.

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Timex debuts its first foray into activity tracking tech with the Metropolitan+
timex launches activity tracking fashion watch tw2p81700 metropolitan  leather strap

These days, technologically advanced watches and timepieces are all the rage, with more and more people opting for these revolutionary pieces of hardware over traditional models. Understanding this for the budding trend it is, the Middlebury, Connecticut-based watch manufacturing company Timex recently decided to join in on the fun by introducing the Metropolitan+. Timex's Metropolitan+, a men's fashion watch boasting activity tracking technology, serves as one of the company's flagship items in its newly minted Connected Style Collection.
When designing the watch, Timex aimed to create a timepiece which served as both a functional addition to someone's daily attire without sacrificing style. Its intent was to provide a product men could use at the office or the gym without having to fumble around with a variety of accessories. Because of this, Timex offers the Metropolitan+ with either a premium leather, orange nylon, or black silicone strap. For those who opt for all three, the watch features quick-release strap functionality, making it extremely easy to swap bands quickly while on-the-go.

"In the fast-paced world we live in, today's active man works hard and plays hard, and he doesn't want to sacrifice style for technical features or vice versa," CMO of Timex Group USA Shawn Lawson Cummings says. "We recognized a void in the marketplace for fashionable, functional activity trackers that keep guys connected. The Timex Metropolitan+ watch can be effortlessly integrated into the dynamic, everyday lifestyles of our male consumers."
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By utilizing Bluetooth technology, wearers of the Metropolitan+ have the ability to connect their watch with a downloaded activity tracking app via a smartphone. The application counts steps, distance traveled, and calories burned each day, presenting it in an easy to read interface within the program. Users even have the ability check their stats directly on the watch face itself when checking their phone isn't feasible. Moreover, the watch itself doesn't require constant charging, tracking and sending activity stats all day without interruption.
For a classy looking watch which possesses the ability to conform to your active lifestyle, look no further than Timex's Metropolitan+. For years, Timex has cemented itself as one of the premier watch manufacturers and purveyors in the world. Its recent move into the 21st Century with the activity tracking Metropolitan+ shows it continues to operate at the top of its game.

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Moore & Giles’ upcoming fall collection shows it’s at the top of the industry
moore and giles feature mooregiles2

Few American built companies have routinely stood the test of time than the Forest, Virginia-based leather business Moore & Giles. Ever since its inception in 1933, the creative minds behind this esteemed company have produced some of the highest quality leather goods available anywhere in the country. Though Moore & Giles started out manufacturing just the leather lining, the upper leather, and sole leather in shoes, it quickly diversified its product line by moving into producing athletic, marine, and home furnishing stock. As the decades have passed, the company has routinely stayed ahead of the leather goods pack by consistently providing its consumers with exceptional product lines and exclusive design partnerships all with that classic Moore & Giles feel.
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Today, as the summer days begin to wind down, Moore & Giles is keenly focused on its upcoming fall collection that (unsurprisingly) sets the bar incredibly high in the leather goods industry. Products like a wax cloth and leather knife carrier, a soft suede eyeglasses case, and an Italian leather, nickel-plated dog collar highlight the incredibly varied upcoming arrangement. While so many leather companies offer their own take on the tried and true dog collar — or a leather glasses case, for that matter — you'll be hard pressed to find a product manufactured with as much care and quality as what's offered here. Moreover, these literally just scratch the surface for what Moore & Giles has planned for the coming months as nearly anyone can find something to fancy in its online store.

What makes Moore & Giles the envy of the leather goods world is perhaps best understood by simply holding one of its products in your hands. The intricate attention to detail, its use of lightly buffed top-grain hides, and the fact each product is built to last a lifetime are just a few of the reasons why Moore & Giles has maintained relevancy for so many years. With a product line as diverse as it offers, it's astounding the company is able to maintain this high level of craftsmanship across everything it makes.
As expected of any company who's maintained as much industry longevity as Moore & Giles, the company enjoys a wealth of representation around the globe. Aside from a workforce of roughly 70 employees at its headquarters in Forest, it's set up a series of partnerships in foreign countries like France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, among many others. Its website says its mission is to be the "leading designer and supplier of the world's most unique and innovative leathers and accessories," and judging by its array of superior merchandise, this mission doesn't seem that far from being called a success.

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Conquer adventure with Burton’s Durable Goods Collection
burton spring summer durable goods collection dannydavis1

Ever since Jake Burton perfected the sport of snowboarding from a barn in Vermont, the name Burton has been synonymous with winter sports and snow. Long considered the preeminent purveyor of snowboarding gear, goods, and accessories, Burton has tirelessly spent the last decade expanding its production line by offering a wider range of merchandise. The brand still allows its loyal fanbase to shred the slopes in the freshest boarding gear each winter season, but now it offers a more eclectic selection of clothing, trekking, and travel gear fit for any active lifestyle.
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To keep up with the process of broadening its own horizons, Burton recently released a new line of products aptly dubbed the Spring/Summer Durable Goods Collection. Though the company has always touted a quality stock of its apparel and equipment, the Durable Goods Collection aims to go further than just fitting into a particular season or simply embracing the outdoors. Rather, the brand just served up  a "commitment to having fun" with a line devoted to campers, hikers, floaters, or people who just like to hang out.

With the line, Burton offers a choice selection of gear intended to be beaten, stretched, pulled-at, and thrashed during whatever adventure — or leisure activity — the wearer enjoys. It includes lighter clothing for when temperatures rise, warmer clothing for those nights spent with friends huddled around a bonfire, and an impressive line of accessories which make everything in between more manageable.
When producing the Durable Goods Collection, Burton stressed the fact it wasn't looking to reinvent itself. Instead, the company stated a desire to "make it complete" and offer consumers a line of products which compliment its already impressive lineup of merchandise. From clean looking boardshorts and Burton-emblazoned tees, to functional travel bags, tents, and jackets (for those rainy excursions), the Durable Goods Collection leaves no stone unturned.

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