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There’s a big sale happening on men’s Levi’s jeans — From $26


The cold weather is coming, which means it’s about time to start bundling up, from sweaters and jackets to long pants and thick socks. If you’re having trouble fitting into your jeans this year —  hey, it happens to the best of us — or you just need some new pairs, you’ll want to listen up. Walmart has a huge sale happening right now on men’s Levi’s men’s in a wide variety of styles. Whether you prefer a slim fit, distressed, multi-colored, relaxed, or straight leg, there’s something here for you. That’s why we definitely recommend taking a look at the sale for yourself to see what fits. Of course, we’ve called out a few of our favorites and top picks, too.

What to shop in the Walmart men’s Levi’s jeans sale

First, let’s start with the obvious. You need to understand how pants should fit before you start shopping for jeans. That’s because jeans come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, many of which pertain to the actual fit. From loose fit to relaxed and slim fit, there are a lot of different categories to sift through — perhaps more than any other type of pant. Start with the foundations by figuring out which fit is right for you, then you can dive into shopping for a new pair.

The good news is that whatever you decide, you’ll find an option in this Walmart men’s Levi’s jeans sale.

Want to look fly? Go with something like the Levi’s in mint green. They will definitely turn some heads at any holiday parties you attend. Normally $56, they’re on sale today for $46, saving you about $10 right off the top. Want a pair that’s a little less conspicuous? The Levi’s are $30, down from $35.

If you’re looking for some of the best jeans for men, overall, Levi’s is on the list. Levi’s also offers some of the best dark or black dress jeans, some of which we’ve even spotted in this huge sale. Case in point, the Levi’s , in all black. Normally $60, they’ve been discounted to just $36 during the sale, saving you nearly half off. That’s a great deal. Come to think of it, these are all great deals.

That’s why we recommend browsing the sale for yourself, even if you’re looking for someone else in your family. There are a lot of different jean styles to choose from, and we couldn’t possibly fit every single one here on the page.

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