Introducing George Frost: An interview with Lisa Salzer

Well, it’s about time! Lisa Salzer, the designer behind the witty and well-known jewelry company Lulu Frost has expanded her vision and started making jewelry for the guys.

George Frost is a collection of awesomely rugged and well thought out pieces that would be a welcome addition to many a man’s wardrobe.

Her line, titled Love and Luck is inspired by World War II. This collection uses vintage and resourced materials, which lends it an authenticity men will appreciate.

All the pieces are made in New York and some of our favorites are: a white bronze shoehorn bottle opener (you know how we love shoehorns), shoe taps that read “Mom” and “Dad”, a trench art inspired “V for Victory” ring in brass, and a necklace of real grenade pull pins.

We spoke to Lisa to get more details on her latest venture.

Tell the readers about your background

I grew up in Long Island and was fortunate enough to have a wonderful grandmother, Elizabeth Frost, who worked in the antique jewelry business for many years.  I believe I inherited my love of wonderful jewelry from those days spent in the estate jewelry store where she worked.

When did you start making jewelry?  

I began making jewelry when I was in high school, but focused in earnest around my senior year in college.  It was something that I loved to do, so it was easy to really dedicate myself to the work.

What was your inspiration for the collection?

The George Frost collection was inspired by the fantastic ideas of my collaborators Marlon Taylor-Wiles and Jon Sneden of Victory Group. Marlon and Jon are avid connoisseurs of all things vintage and they looked to WWII as a source of inspiration for our debut collection for George Frost, entitled “Love and Luck”.  We drew from military trench art, sweetheart jewelry and morse code to add meaning and character to the collection.

After so many years designing jewelry for women, why now a collection for men?

I have actually always designed jewelry for men on the side, and my work sold well in Japan.  I decided that it was time to create something more applicable to the American men’s market this year when Marlon and Jon brought so many great concepts to me.  It was a natural collaboration and has been very successful thus far.

Where is the collection made? 

George Frost is made entirely in New York.  We are very proud of this!

How do you source vintage materials?

We all love the thrill of the hunt and spend time going to estate sales, vintage markets and working with private dealers.  Oftentimes the best pieces come from old forgotten collections that we unearth in our travels.

What are some of your favorite pieces and why?

I love the Morse Code collection – the hidden messages are so sentimental and sweet.  I think that these bracelets are the perfect gift.  I also love the shoehorn/bottle opener – it’s such a cool, manly piece that is best when worn on the jeans or as a keychain.

And finally, why the name George?

 George Frost was my grandfather’s name and coincidentally both Marlon and Jon’s fathers are named George.