Invest In Some Threads With Gustin

gustin invest threads

With Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns on the rise, it only makes sense that this idea of crowdsourcing has hit the fashion market.

And it makes a lot of sense. Take Gustin for example. The company designs awesome, boutique quality menswear, but you the consumer controls what makes it to market. Did we mention their items are also handmade?

Gustin creates a line and a campaign – if you like it, voila, you can have it – but only if you back it. Think of yourself as an investor – a visionary really. If you like what you see, you can help the line reach it’s goal, and once successfully funded, production begins.

You have to think quickly though, Gustin stops taking orders once their goal is reached, but since they don’t carry an inventory, prices are lower. If an item doesn’t reach it’s goal – it never sees the light of day. Of course, your credit card will only be charged if the item makes it to production.

How did this concept begin? Gustin originally started out in denim – where they sold $205 jeans. A little pricey, but they’ve always stood by their quality.

One day they decided to reinvent the game, by removing the middleman. Think Warby Parker. No retail markups, no waste, no problem.

So what are some items we’d put our money down for?

The Black Roller Belt – It’s $51 dollars. Completely blacked out. Totally cool.

# 95 The Slub16 Selvedge Denim Jeans – It’s difficult to find a pair of good quality (handmade) selvedge denim for under $200 dollars. These will set you back $123.

#1 Japan Blue Oxford Shirt $69 dollars for a high-quality shirt made from cotton Oxford cloth from a Japanese mill. Fitted, not too slim, with high armholes and a clean fit.

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