Green Guru Turns Recycled Material into Practical Gear

Colorado based company Green Guru is taking Eco-consumer products to the next level and changing the way we think of production today.

By crafting everyday products out of used and recycled materials, the “everything green” guru’s are promoting real change in their industry and giving anyone who wants to keep our surrounding environment clean and thriving an outlet to do so.

Green guru

There aren’t many things manlier than cutting up an old tent around the zippers, piecing it together with some old climbing rope and using the creation as a backpack. It’s a pure man-made masterpiece.

And that’s essentially what Green Guru does. They have an extensive waste collection program with various gear retailers in which they obtain all the materials necessary to create earth-friendly, functional products for your daily lifestyle.

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Some of the new gear the guru’s produce are wallets, messenger bags, backpacks, a heap of bike gear, and more creations that promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Green Guru group’s environmentally conscious efforts are truly inspiring. If you feel similarly, or want to take part in taking care of the world around you, check out some of these goodies below:

Messenger Bag ($75-$100)

A lightweight, stylish messenger bag that doesn’t sacrifice durability and features you’d anticipate from a high-quality bag producer. These are crafted from durable recycled fabrics and an upcycled bicycle inner tube exterior.

Gear Commuter ($140-$160)

This is the Green Guru’s streamlined day-to-day bag for travel packing. It features stormproof, upcycled bicycle inner tubes on the flap and durable nylon that stretches to accommodate more gear than your typical backpack.

Bike Tube Wallet ($32)

The bike tube wallet is color, durable, and outright enticing. Although it’s flashy, it’s simple enough to be an everyday wallet. They also offer a card wallet, if that’s your style.

All of their products are made and shipped out of Colorado in the U.S.

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