Giveaway: Pierrepont Hicks Tie

The people behind Pierrepont Hicks are good friends of ours and after a couple of beers we decided we needed to do a giveaway together (yes people, that is how these things happen).

Founded in 2009 by two awesome people, Mac and Katherine McMillan, who just happen to be married, the brand focuses on accessories from ties, hats, vests and shoes for the modern adventurer. They make some things for the girls too, so check those out for the lady in your life. Just don’t get matchy on us please. They are also the geniuses behind our favorite roving menswear market Northern Grade.

Even better, they donate a portion of their annual profits to the National Parks Conservation Association. Both Mac and Katherine grew up fly fishing and time outdoors is something they cherish (who doesn’t?).

As for the giveaway:

We wanted to make sure to offer both wool and linen ties since we know some of y’all out there live in warmer weather climates.


This handmade English wool tie will keep you looking fresh at the office and on that Valentine’s date


Hand-sewn with British wool, this tie comes in either a 3” or 2.5” width for you sartorial nitpickers.


This one is for you boys who live in warmer weather regions where wool may not work. Made with 100% linen this is the perfect pop of salmon to brighten up your dinner with your lady.

Simply share this post on Facebook and tag us and we will pick three winners on Friday. Go.

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