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ECOALF FW14: Sustainable Style at its Best

Be honest, when you hear the words ‘sustainable fashion’ does your interest waver a tad? We understand and don’t worry; it doesn’t make you a bad person. Alas, upon close inspection of ECOALF’s FW14 offering, we can safely say the brand has produced sustainable style that we would quite happily sustain, day in, day out.

The Madrid-based brand launched in 2009, by founder and president Javier Goyeneche. Fixated on the speed of which the planets natural resources were being used up – studies showed that we were using five times the amount of resources than the planet was able to auto-generate – Goyeneche decided the solution lied in hardcore recycling. Undeterred by the fact that most fabrics only contained 15-20% of recycled materials, ECOALF forged new partnerships with factories across the globe in order to develop fabrics, lining, straps, labels and cords from 100% recycled materials. Now, the brand uses discarded fishing nets to create fabrics, used plastic bottles to make straps, labels and laces and postindustrial cotton is used to produce t-shirts and sweaters.

The resulting pieces are understated, relevant and super wearable. At present, the brand only offers outerwear, bags and sneakers but these are, however, the cornerstones of your winter wardrobe.

Jackets are ultra lightweight but incredibly warm. For the weekend, we love the Aspen Ultra Light Down Jacket, a no-nonsense cold weather essential that will keep you snug in whipping winds. The Courchevel Green Army Man Down Jacket offers a slightly more directional bomber-inspired silhouette, ideal for work and play. For ‘uptown’ occasions, the Liverpool Trench is a great option. The clean lines and unfussy design will see you through for seasons to come. Accessorize with the beautifully functional Flat Backpack and complete with Everest sneaker in deep navy or deep khaki…sustainable style indeed.

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