Ski Pro Cody Barnhill has Another Serious Passion

Cody Barnhill

Today we meet up with Professional Skier Cody Barnhill to get the scoop on his career, skiing, and his own personal style.

My name is Cody Barnhill and I’m from Anchorage, Alaska, but I’ve lived in Ketchum, Idaho for the past five and a half years. Before that I lived in Salt Lake City where I got a pretty quick jump-start into my ski career shooting with all of the world-class local photographers and filmers. After living there for almost a decade, and eventually working for a local ski brand managing their ski design and development, I had to get out of the city, so I chased my heart into the mountains and moved to Ketchum.


Since moving here I have managed to ski way more powder days than most of my neighbors even know exist, and I’ve focused my thought and energy a bit into learning about alternative building methods and energy systems. It seems pretty obvious that the way that we are thinking about our homes and the way we heat and power them is not acceptable, and I am drawn to being a part of the future that solves all the problems that the self-absorbed morons we call politicians keep making worse.


As for my personal style:

Jeans: I have really only ever had one or two pairs that I wear at a time, right now they’re RVCA and they’re almost worn out.
Shirts: Discrete Button ups, Sweaters, Grandpa’s dress shirts
Pants: Volcom, or Levis usually
Suits: Rarely
Shoes: Forsake Freestyle
Accessories: I’m always collecting hats, but always wearing my Discrete solids. I also love jewelry, necklaces and bracelets mostly, but really only have things made by dear friends.


Outerwear: In the weather and the winter I’m always wearing Dynafit outerwear, but have a few nice jackets I wear out to town.
Favorite cologne: Water
Favorite app: Spotify
Favorite piece of technology: The uphill ski binding
Next style/gear purchase: Looking at picking up a Sony A7SII