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These Black Friday New Balances are literally built like tanks

New Balance limited edition US made
Here at The Manual, we love to hear the words “limited edition” because it almost always implies premium materials and construction, and when it comes to sneakers, it usually means a special design you won’t find on a normal pair of shoes. These New Balance US574s are handmade right here in America, and you’ll only find them for sale in shops in Boston and New York. If you’re in one of those two cities and like a fresh pair of sneakers, you should make it a point to grab a pair.

It gets rainy and snowy in the Northeast this time of year, so New Balance made sure you would be ready to hit the streets no matter the weather. Military green suede with weatherproofing is a nod to the durable vehicles the military uses, with a white reflective ‘N’ logo gracing the sides for an added pop.

New Balance 574 in the snow

The shoes are only available in limited quantity from New Balance Boston and New Balance New York, and only as part of the Mobilize Your Winter package. This special bundle includes an awesome Titan water bottle, a special pair of Varsity socks, and a custom messenger bag, and of course the sneakers.

There aren’t many pairs to go around, but if you’re in New York or Boston you should hike over to your local New Balance shop to grab one. If you get it, post a picture to Instagram with #MobilizeYourWinter and tag us @TheManual so we can see them on foot.