Our Top Picks for the Best Men’s Activewear this Spring

Admit it, your compression tights are disgusting.

You’re a man, and men are supposed to smell. Right? Well, aside from natural bacteria that breaks down on the surface of your skin, lending you your unique body odor, everyday clothes don’t hold the same sweat-equity as our activewear.

Your activewear is most likely worn and in need of revamping. And sure, most evolved workout and outdoor apparel companies have developed fabric technologies that keep the post-flex aromas to a minimum, but it’s still high time you replaced the essentials. Odds are, that wool base layer you poured pounds of sweat into during the winter won’t service you the same this spring, and that running T-shirt you’ve been wearing since college is super crusty.

So we thought we’d share some of our favorite activewear go-tos with you.  These essentials are practical, sleek, packed with killer tech, and guaranteed to keep you smelling like a daisy all season long.

Rhone Celliant Running Short Sleeve Shirt – $74  

best mens activewear celliant seamless ss navy heather front rhone

This short-sleeve running shirt from Rhone will definitely keep you feeling fresh through your next workout. Not only is it made with moisture-wicking and anti-odor materials, it’s also imbued with Celliant technology, which has been shown to improve energy and endurance. Additional threads of SilverTech are knit throughout the garment to help fight bacteria from sweat.

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Path Projects Sykes PX Short – $45

best mens activewear sykespx p001 jetblack front 02 path

Built with Toray Prime Flex fabric, these shorts from Path Projects are lightweight, stretchy, and totally breathable. Plus, they’re outfitted with three secure zip pockets, which means you’ll be able to bring your essentials with you when you go out for a quick jog. While they don’t come with a liner, the brand does have a nice selection of base liners that go well with these shorts, as well as other assorted layering pieces.

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Aether Coast Windbreaker – $145

best mens activewear aether

If you don’t want to sacrifice style for some awesome workout tech, consider snagging the Coast Windbreaker from Aether. Featuring a sleek construction of water-resistant polyester, this bad boy looks as good as it’ll make you feel — not to mention that it’s breathable and designed to be wind-resistant.

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Nike Pro Hypercool Training Tights – $50

best mens activewear niketights

If you’re someone who enjoys wearing compression tights when you hit the gym, you’ll want to check out this pair from Nike. Built with the brand’s proprietary Hypercool technology, they’re odor-resistant, breathable, and excellent at wicking moisture. The tights also feature a flat seam, which means they won’t press up against your skin in an uncomfortable way while you’re exercising.

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2XU Vectr Ultralight No-Show Socks – $15

best mens activewear snipshot

No activewear roundup would be complete without socks! Our favorites right now are these lightweight no-shows from 2XU, which are designed with X-LOCK compression technology to be the ultimate in performance. This tech provides fantastic arch support and helps to keep the socks locked in place, so they’re not likely to slip around when you’re de-latching from your bike after spin class. As with the other items on this list, they’re also odor-resistant and great at wicking moisture.

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Now let’s get sweaty …


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