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The Manual Picks 7 Fall Jackets

Fall is almost here and that means you’ll need a light jacket to keep you warm until winter hits. Here is our selection of fall jackets:

Mark McNairy Shirt Tail Varsity Jacket
This jacket is in the perfect fall shade and will take you back to your youth.
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Aether Bowery Jacket
It’s like a modern-day military jacket for today’s stylish man.
$235 at

Patagonia Men’s Storm Racer Jacket
Weatherproof waterproof, this jacket will get you through any storm and make sure you’re easily spotted.
$279 at

Schott Cliff Pilot Jacket
You’ll be ready to fly with this cool jacket, modeled after the ones that pilots used to wear.
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Grayers Charles Quilted Jacket
This is jacket by Grayers is perfect for those fall nights.
$225 at

Carhartt Detroit Jacket
Tough as Detroit, this jacket will you keep you warm and comfortable all through fall.
$288 at

A.P.C. Denim Work Jacket
You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket in the fall.
$260 at

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These recommendations have been selected based upon a combination of firsthand trials by the writer as well as reviews from top industry experts and actual customer ratings. In other words, these are suggestions you can trust.
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