A New Custom

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When you hear the word ‘custom’, your thoughts may go for the obvious, a suit, but that isn’t the only way to go.  More and more men are finding that true luxury is custom made accessories.  Jewelry seems to be the route, but cuff links and money clips are right close behind.

At Greenwich Jewelers on Trinity Place in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, master jeweler, Gavin, can work with you in a number of ways.  You can provide pictures, ideas, or an inspiration. These can range from an actual picture of the item, to something more abstract, like a sketch or a piece of art. Then if needed, you can meet with one of their gemologist.  It’s best to work with a GIA-certified gemologist, since they are experts on gem properties and qualities. They are your advocates when it comes to finding a high-quality, truly beautiful gemstone.

According to Gavin, “Men frequently come into our store for custom design.  Some of them have exact descriptions of what they’d like to create, while others just have general ideas that I can develop into designs suited for them. Getting the client involved in the creative process ensures he gets exactly what he wants, whether he’s designing an engagement ring for his girlfriend, a wedding band for himself, or a bracelet for daily wear. In the end, he’ll walk away with a completely individualized piece.”

At this point, you have two options, with which to continue.  First, Gavin would create a wax form of the item.  Another option for custom design is using CAD, or computer-generated images. The client will receive a mold, as well as be able to see actual three-dimensional photos of the item in process.

This experience can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity, and/or materials, of your design. A note to self, they are very well known as the authority on engagement rings, so Greenwich Jewelers is a must before popping the question.