A Guide To Kickin’ It: Our Favorite Shoes This Summer

Summer can be a tricky time for shoes. You’re wearing shorts, so high tops are out. Sockless Oxfords are a big trend but that’s a lot of work (and stank, even with a no show sock) and flips-flops are cool, but not all that hygienic – especially if you’re walking around a city. To help out in this little seasonal conundrum The Manual put together some festive footwear for the warm weather.

TOMS– A brand known for their canvas slip-on shoes, has done something pretty amazing. Aside from their awesome charitable efforts, they’ve now expanded their shoe game. The Paseo is great. Oh and here’s the ‘kicker’, it’s an everyday shoe that can be worn with OR without laces thanks to a hidden elastic tongue strap. Easy to slip on, easy to slip off, and really easy to look at.

Sperry Topsiders– An all American  staple, but with a very  stylish twist. These Sperry Topsiders have a bright neon kick. The shoe comes in a variety of leathers with a contrasting rubber sole. These classics will take you from the beach to the boat – and you don’t have to worry about slipping of the boat. Sperry’s are also extremely water resistant and get better with age. Just please, on all that is holy, don’t wear socks with them.

-If you do love flip-flops, go with Havaianas. They’re the most comfortable flip-flop out there and are great for the beach. What’s even cooler, the brand (which many don’t know started in 1962, even though they can be seen on trendy feet everywhere these days) has expanded to more functional footwear. These denim sneaks are perfect with shorts and a tee shirt if you’re going for a more athletic look.

-For another different take on a classic summer shoe, look no further than the Bowsworth Suede Espadrille from Ralph Lauren. These classic slip-on espadrilles come with a rope insole, a leather lining at the heel and a raffia sole with rubber insets for traction. Also, they’re made of suede. A ‘step’ up from the classic espadrille if you will.

– Speaking of classic espadrilles – consider Soludos – a brand that celebrates the summer to the fullest extent. The shoes come in a variety of traditional colors and contemporary patterns. With their cotton upper and an eco-friendly jute sole, these shoes will keep your feet sweat free.

-If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous and perhaps a bit futuristic, check out UNITED NUDE’s Helix shoe. Its elastic material is super comfortable and helps emphasize the shape of the foot. They’re lightweight and come in cool color combinations like black & red, turquoise & orange, and blue & silver.