How the tech bubble got Jamie Schweid back in the family business

We talked with Jamie Schweid of Schweid & Sons burgers about the tech bubble, burgers, and his own personal style. 

Jamie Schweid: I am the fourth generation of Schweid to be in the Meat business. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, my childhood involved many burgers and different meals each week that included meat. My mom is a fantastic cook who makes an amazing meatloaf and Bolognese sauce.


For college I chose Indiana University to focus on what I thought my passion was – finance. Fortunately, the first tech bubble arrived around the time I was supposed to start a job on Wall Street, and the job was no longer available. My father was not going to allow me to not work, so thus began my career at Schweid & Sons. After two months of working with my father at the business, I knew this was my calling in life. Currently, I reside in New York City and reverse commute to work in New Jersey.

In 2014, the company decided to launch products in the retail space. We had just hired a digital marketing company, Night Agency, who suggested that if we were going into retail, the company name my father had used since the beginning was not going to convey the type of brand values we had. Night Agency recommended we change the name to Schweid & Sons. We initially hated the idea of having our last name involved, but ultimately came around to the idea and have had an incredible experience ever since. Schweid & Sons burgers are now in over 4,000 locations and growing every year.


As for my personal style:

Jeans: Paige

Shirts: Zegna

Pants: Armani

Suits: Suitsupply

Shoes: Jack Erwin Shoes (I am friends with the co-founder. Great company)

Accessories: Rolex

Favorite Cologne: Armani Acqua di Gio

Your favorite App: Texture (because I travel and love to read, this app is perfect -offering unlimited magazines for a per month cost)

Favorite piece of technology: Savant Home Automation

Next tech purchase: Watercop by Dynaquip (I have a beach house and since I am not there in the winters, this technology automatically senses a leak and shuts the water off. Pure genius)

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