2(X)IST Rolls Out the Much Needed No-Show Sock

2xist rolls out the much needed no show sock socks

True story, I was asking many of my guy friends where they buy those tiny little socks nobody can see when you are rocking your boat shoes, dress shoes, or hell, these days any shoe where you want to appear sock-less. Nearly half of them said they had to sneak into the women’s area to find some since men’s ‘peds’ are usually too bulky. Sad but true.

Luckily, 2(X)IST has launched a line of no-show-socks that are handsome and practical. These lightweight, durable and ultra-low profile socks are engineered to fit a man’s foot, and feature a square-cut design across the instep to ensure a fit that gives that “sockless” look.

Added bonus: the 2(X)IST No-Show Sock Collection includes a non-slip rubber grip at the heel.  This added feature virtually eliminates that awkward “fish, find and pull-up” routine we’ve all come to accept as a reality of a no-show sock.

We appreciate the thought they have put into the line rolling out three categories – Dress, Casual and Athletic – so we can have a choice for each occasion.

If you are new to the no-show-sock look, give it a shot. You won’t look like a nerd wearing black socks in the summer and when you come home, change at the gym or get ready to snuggle with your gal, the last thing you want to see is dirty feet.

The collection is available now at www.2XIST.com and retails for $10 – $15.

2XIST Slip On Sock