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10 things we’d like to see in Andor season 2

Can't wait for Andor's second season? These are the questions we can't stop thinking about

By most standards of quality, the first season of Andor was an enormous success. It told a genuinely compelling story set inside the Star Wars universe, and managed to give everyone a break from Skywalkers and the Force. Now that the first season is over, though, many are already speculating about what the show’s second and final season might contain. We’re not likely to know for sure until 2024, so until then, the best we can do is offer a wishlist of things that season 2 should address.

1. Non-human characters

Andor Non-Human Characters

Perhaps the biggest criticism of Andor‘s tremendous first season was the almost exclusive focus on human characters. Star Wars has long been a universe filled with a wide array of different kinds of sentient species, and this exclusion of other species rubbed some the wrong way. Humanoid characters have always been at the center of the Star Wars universe, but there are plenty of other stories to tell, and we’re hoping that season 2 of Andor will explore some of those corners.

2. The introduction of Cassian’s sister

Cassian Sister Andor

Cassian’s search for his sister is what kicked off the season, but it was a thread that was dropped for large portions of season 1. Given how frequently she’s come up, though, it would be slightly strange if it was abandoned altogether. We know that Cassian claims to have sacrificed everything for the rebellion in Rogue One, but does that include his long-lost sister? Only time will tell.

3. Syril Karn teams up with Dedra Meero

Syril Karn Dedra Meero Andor

Perhaps the most intriguing dangling thread of Andor is Syril Karn, a man who briefly attempts to capture Cassian near the beginning of the season and then spends the rest of it dwelling in obscurity. Now that he’s hooked up with Dedra Meero, though, it seems clear that he’s going to be functioning as something like her right-hand man in the next season. What his ultimate fate might be remains to be seen. For now, though, Syril’s likely going to be thrilled that he can finally serve the fascists the way he’s always wanted.

4. Things get real for Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma Andor

The stakes for Mon Mothma slowly increased all season long, but she’s managed to keep a tenuous grip on her status quo. As we enter season 2, though, it seems likely that the situation for Mon Mothma is going to become unsteady pretty quickly. At some point, she’s going to have to leave the Senate and fully and publicly commit herself to the rebellion. When she takes that step, we’ll have a firmer sense of what it might mean for her family.

5. We find out what happened to Luthen

Luthen Andor

Luthen is still hanging around at the end of Andor‘s first season, but he doesn’t seem like a character who’s long for this world. After all, Luthen is not someone known in the broader lore of Star Wars. He’s already made it clear that he’s willing to sacrifice everything, including his legacy, for the rebellion. He’s a shadow working completely behind the scenes, and the only knowledge we have about him may come from Andor. Season 2 may reveal what happened to him, and whether he’ll ever know that everything he sacrificed was worth it in the end.

6. The Empire tightens its fist

Dedra Meero Andor

One of Luthen’s primary goals was to provoke the Empire into tightening its grip, and we saw them do exactly that throughout the show’s first season. In the wake of the uprising on Ferrix, though, the Empire seems even more likely to grasp for control. As Luthen well knows, this tightening is what spawns rebellions, even if plenty of people suffer along the way. Season 2 of Andor will likely see the Empire continuing its attempts to force compliance from their subjects, which will only turn more and more of them into genuine rebels.

7. Saw Gerrera gets in on the action

Saw Gerrera Andor

We got some glimpses of Saw Gerrera in the first season of Andor, but he mostly seemed to be sitting on the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity to strike at the Empire. The second season of Andor is set to take place over four years instead of just one, which should give Saw plenty of opportunities to throw his team into the thick of things. We know plenty about what Saw was up to during these years already, but there are enough holes in the canon that Andor could introduce us to some new elements.

8. Cassian becomes a genuine rebel

Cassian Andor

Cassian’s journey in season 1 of Andor was from someone who hated the Empire but believed that resisting it was pointless to someone who wants to be a rebel. In season 2, we should see Cassian fully reckon with what being a rebel means and the sacrifices that may come with it. When we meet him in Rogue One, Cassian is killing informants to keep them out of enemy hands, and season 2 will force him to reckon with the kind of immoral acts he may have to commit for the greater good.

9. We discover what happened to the people on Ferrix

At the end of the Andor finale, Cassian puts a number of Ferrix citizens, including Bix and Brasso, on a ship and promises that he’ll find them again. While that is certainly Cassian’s intention, what we don’t know is whether Cassian will ever actually see those people again. He says in Rogue One that he’s lost everything in service to the rebellion, but does that mean that these fine folks are toast? We’re hoping that season 2 can give us a more definitive answer to that question.

10. We hear more of Nemik’s manifesto

Nemik Andor

One of the thrills of the final episode of Andor‘s first season was hearing more from Nemik, who died at the end of the Aldhani arc. In spite of Nemik’s early death, though, he lives on through his manifesto, which lays out all the reasons that this rebellion is one worth fighting for. We heard some snippets from that manifesto in the finale, but we still haven’t heard the whole tape front to back. Thankfully, we have another season in which to hear more of Nemik’s beyond-his-years wisdom.

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