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How to Watch UFC 286: Live Stream Edwards vs Usman

While UFC 286, taking place on Saturday, March 18, is set to feature some excellent fights, the main event will see Leon Edwards defending his Welterweight title against Kamaru Usman in a highly-anticipated rematch. It’s something that avid fans won’t want to miss, which means you should secure access to a UFC 286 live stream well in advance. The good news is it’s possible to watch online if you know where and how. Don’t fret, we have you covered there, just keep reading.

How to Watch UFC 286 in the US

Edwards vs Usman UFC 286 live stream promo image.

If you’re in the United States, the best way to watch the UFC 286 live stream online, from anywhere, is through ESPN+. There are several options if you want to subscribe, but bear in mind the PPV package will be extra in most cases. If you’re a new subscriber, starting at $10 per month, or $100 for the year, you’ll get access to just ESPN+. You can add the Disney bundle, which includes ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+, starting at $14 per month. Each PPV event costs an additional $75 per month, with UFC 286 included in that package.

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But here’s the thing. If you’re traveling abroad, outside of the United States, even with a premium subscription you may be unable to watch the UFC 286 live stream. That’s because certain streaming provides region-restrict access based on your current IP. There is an easy way around this. You can sign up for a VPN, , which masks your original IP with a new one, making it look like you’re browsing from the remote server’s location — in this case from within the United States.

Either way, you’ll want to set everything up before the big event kicks off, including installing the ESPN+ app on your device of choice. The early preliminaries start at 1 PM (EST), while the prelims start at 3 PM (EST), and the main event is scheduled to begin at 5 PM (EST), so that’s when you’ll need to have everything ready to go if you’re looking to watch the live stream online.

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