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Wander & Trade Launches (and offers us an enticement!)

With the whole ‘buy local’ craze sweeping the nation we forget it doesn’t just mean buying from your home town or even home country or continent. We appreciate anything that is well crafted no matter where it is from. But it is often hard to find such treasures, especially when we are glued to our office chair most of the year. That is where Wander & Trade comes in handy.

This site launched last Tuesday and is already garnering fans around the country. What they do is simple: they aggregate inventory from small businesses across the globe, offering shoppers the ability to discover local products from any destination and in turn, offer small businesses the ability to expand their distribution and audience. There are curators in Brooklyn, Portland, San Francisco, New England and London with Africa and South Africa to follow.

Don’t think this is just another site with more of the same. Co-Founder and Creative Director Brandon Burns explains that, “Now you can discover small businesses from the streets of your favorite cities without traveling to them.”

There is a wide range of products to peruse from Bicycle Handles from Portland to Mayonnaise collections from Brooklyn and Pendleton tees from London. We are big fans of the Brooklyn based Lihtan light collection made from copper pipes and candelabra sockets. There are even great gifts for gals so click around for some interesting holiday gifts.

Burns has kindly offered up to the readers of The Manual a discount code ($10 off an order of $75 or more) valid from today  (Friday November 8th) till Sunday at midnight. Just enter TheManual when checking out and shop away!

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