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The ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3 teaser is low on details, high on positivity

'Ted Lasso' season 3 finally has a teaser trailer!

March is filled with loads of great TV coming back with new seasons to laugh, cry, and obsess over. After The Last of Us completes its first season on HBO Max, fans can expect to turn their attention to Succession and The Mandalorian. And while these are heavier dramas that can take a lot of time and energy to consume properly, there is also something for the casual viewer who just wants to relax and enjoy some mindless, infinitely optimistic television. That’s where Ted Lasso season 3 comes in! The Emmy-winning comedy starring the always-brilliant Jason Sudeikis has become possibly the biggest hit on Apple TV right now. Can’t wait to watch it? Enjoy this frustratingly vague, yet super uplifting season 3 teaser.

Ted Lasso — Season 3 Official Teaser | Apple TV+

This Ted Lasso season 3 trailer doesn’t provide many hints as to the plot of the third season, but it definitely stays right in line with what we’ve come to expect from the soccer sitcom. Endless positivity from Ted and his players is manifested in song form as the group shows how much they believe in themselves as AFC Richmond moves into their new year as part of the Premier League. The underdog mentality has never gotten Ted down before, and it certainly isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Right now, this is the only trailer of the show that Apple TV has released before the premiere of the third season.

Ted Lasso has been a pivotal show in moving television away from the antiheroic, depressive, morbid nature of storytelling that was used by many creators and directors throughout the late 2000s and throughout the 2010s. Instead of trying to spin a bad guy as someone good, Ted Lasso simply presents its characters as the genuine, effervescent personalities they are at their cores. We already live in a world with so many daily grievances that get us down, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the lasting effects of the illness on job loss and the economy. Ted Lasso is a great way to get away from it all and live in an idealistic world where the good guys win every time.

The Ted Lasso season 3 release date is slated for March 15 on Apple TV+. Just like with past seasons, viewers will need an Apple ID to stream the third season of the show.

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