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Squid Game season 2: Everything we know so far

Get ready to play a new round of games when Squid Game season 2 hits Netflix

An early look at Squid Game season 2.

It’s been three years since Squid Game became a worldwide sensation on Netflix, and we’ve only had Squid Game: The Challenge to tide us over. But the long wait is almost over. The smash South Korean hit Squid Game has finished filming its second season. That means more lethal games are on the way, possibly sooner than you expect.

The first season of Squid Game painted a dark picture of an alternate version of South Korea. Seong Gi-hun, Cho Sang-woo, Kang Sae-byeok, and more were recruited to play children’s games for the chance to win more money than they could ever hope to see in their lifetimes. Because each and every one of them badly needed the money, they signed on without fully realizing what was in store for them. The players soon found themselves wearing identical tracksuits and guarded by armed men as they participated in the games. And the penalty for losing was death.

Squid Game season 2 will feature the start of a new game. But there’s also the lingering thread of Seong Gi-hun, who had his chance to run away and never look back. Instead, he defied the authority behind the games and decided to stay in South Korea to get some answers about who’s really running these twisted contests. Now, to get you ready for what’s coming up next, we’re sharing everything we know about Squid Game season 2.

Who’s coming back for Squid Game season 2?

Squid Game: Season 2 | Cast Announcement | Netflix

From the original season 1 cast, the following actors are confirmed to return.

  • Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun
  • Lee Byung-hun as Hwang In-ho/The Front Man
  • Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho
  • Gong Yoo as the Recruiter

Who’s joining the cast of Squid Game season 2?

Yim Si-wan in a promo video for Squid Game season 2.

Netflix’s cast announcement video specifically introduced the following actors as “the new players.”

  • Yim Si-wan
  • Kang Ha-neul
  • Park Sung-hoon
  • Yang Dong-geun

Their character names weren’t included in the announcement, but presumably, they will be the ones drawn into the contest this season. The remaining new cast members for season 2 can be found below. No information about their characters has been released yet.

  • Jo Yu-ri
  • Kang Ae-shim
  • Lee David
  • Lee Jin-Wook
  • Choi Seung-Hyun
  • Roh Jae-won
  • Won Ji-an
  • Park Gyu-young
  • Jeon Seok-ho
  • Kim Si-eun
  • Oh Dal-su

Is there a trailer for Squid Game season 2?

The first preview scene from Squid Game season 2.

There’s no trailer for Squid Game season 2 just yet. But there is a very brief teaser scene featuring Seong Gi-hun in a tense conversation over the phone. And Gi-hun is not backing down from a fight.

When will Squid Game season 2 be released?

A woman holds a player card in Squid Game season 2.

Netflix has confirmed that Squid Game season 2 will arrive in 2024. But with seven months left to go in the year, there’s no telling yet when fans can specifically expect to see it. Whenever the official trailer for season 2 arrives, it will hopefully share Squid Game‘s return date.

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