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Your Dog’s New Wardrobe

Wolfgang Man and Best, a brand new dog and human streetwear label of impeccable taste and sturdy quality, recently teamed up with seasoned sock-makers Stance on a small collab collection—dog collar, leash, and matching bipedal socks.

In addition, Wolfgang already had some matching dog collar-people neck gaiters and another set of matching a harness and man-beanie. Plus, a few key chains to match doggie leashes.

They’re not all necessarily made or sold as matching items, but behold: A very decent way to help dress up a day with your dog!

There are some practical uses to man and beast having matched-up gear, plus it’s a really fun way to show your pride in your pet.

Festivals, holidays, parks, parties, and outdoor shows. It’s a way to dress up your baby furball for the big day, and if they get lost in the crowd they’ll be that much easier to describe.

Weekends. Your pup wants out of their weekday uniform just as much as you do. And while you’re at it, get him a snack at pet-friendly brunch.

Hiking. Wolfgang makes solid gear, and matching up with your canine is one way to help identify them if they go missing, which of course they won’t.

Dog shows/Dog Events/Dog Meetups. It’s your pooch’s big day and your way to represent.

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