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Continue The National Dog Day Celebration with Anthony Anderson and Autotrader

The relationship between dog and man traces back centuries. There were times when each relied on one another as hunting companions, and now, as inseparable friends. But there has come a time where our comrades need our help more than ever. That’s right, it’s time we start adopting dogs.

Dog adoption has become more popular over the years as pet overpopulation and its adverse effects have increased, but the fight is ongoing. Autotrader, known better for its dealings in automobiles, is one of the many companies who have been committed to highlighting dog adoption in the past and it’s continuing its mission with a new campaign in partnership with known dog lover Anthony Anderson.


Even though it’s not National Dog Day today, this is one of those missions to live by. It’s not just a day out of the year to show appreciation; this is an everyday endeavor.

We had the opportunity to speak briefly with producer, comedian, actor, and TV host Anthony Anderson about the new canine vest campaign with Autotrader and the importance of adopting dogs in honor of National Dog Day.

Autotrader has been a longtime sponsor for canines. In 2018, it partnered with Adopt-a-Pet to create to help prospecting dog owners search for their companions through local shelters and rescues in order to help more homeless pups find their forever home. It’s like Autotrader, but for the facilitation of adopting dogs from shelters and keeping the sacred relationship between four and two-legged friends alive and well.

Anderson’s relationship with rescue dogs is one that is near and dear to his heart. His father rescued many dogs from shelters when Anderson was growing up, which has ignited the admiration that Anderson is now able to share with his own kids with their 14-year old Cockapoo, Riley, whom they adopted as a puppy. 

“Growing up in Compton, we had a lot of animals, a lot of rescue dogs,” said Anderson. “Man’s best friend: Nowhere else in the world will you find a love that is unconditional like that. It made an impact on me as a child, growing up with so many adopted dogs, and it’s been important for me to pass this appreciation and love down to my kids.”

Anderson’s love for animals has been noted over the years. He was the host for Animal Planet’s weekly talk show Animal Nation for its short stint on air, which touched on everything from household pets to some of nature’s creepiest creatures.

“It (Animal Nation) was ahead of its time,” said Anderson. “I do miss it a lot, not only because I got to talk about dogs and inform viewers but I got to do some of the craziest things on there … I got bit by a German Shepherd! One of the coolest things was when we had George Lopez on the show, I learned that he’s rescued a lot of dogs over the years. I should’ve known that was the case because every time I drove by his house there was a new addition to the litter.”

With Anderson’s history of adopting dogs and his outspoken support for animals on Animal Nation, the Autotrader partnership is a no-brainer. And with it, Autotrader has gone and created a limited supply of custom, comfy lint-roller dog vests that pup parents can enter for a chance to win on the Dogtrader website from now until September 14th. 

We’ll admit that the only thing more endearing than a dog is a dog in a vest. In fact, Anderson has already gotten his paws on one of these vests to prove us right.

“Oh yes, I have one for our dog, Riley,” said Anderson. “It’s a vest that’s made to be worn in the car because the fabric is made specifically to catch all the loose hair, which makes clean-up that much easier.”

Not only will this help keep your car clean on those long road trips, but for every vest given away, Autotrader will be donating funds to Adopt-a-Pet to further help more dogs find their forever home.

For those of our readers who may not be able to own or adopt a pet, there are still ways you can participate in this discussion and play a role in helping dogs find their forever homes. One of the ways Anderson continues to show support is by volunteering his time at his local animal shelter.

“Sharing on your social media channels and volunteering at local shelters are the best ways to help play a part,” said Anderson. “If you volunteer at your local shelters, you can help the dogs who get picked up off the streets who need a loving home.”

Maybe start by sharing some information and heart-tugging photos of pups at local shelters to help get the word out to your friends and family or head to the local humane society on your day off to sign up as a helping hand. You never know the impact you may have.

In the future, we can expect more of Anderson and his dog Riley on his Instagram page and more volunteer work at his local shelter. You can also watch Anderson continue his pragmatic storytelling role when the new season of ABC’s Black-ish is released in fall 2020 and as a co-host with his mother Doris Bowman on the game show To Tell the Truth.

If you’re a new dog owner and you’re looking to upgrade to some wheels that are safe and secure for your pet, Autotrader is also honoring canines by recommending the best car models for dog lovers in lieu of the occasion. Or, you could pamper your pup with a stylish dog house — whatever suits your fur. If you are looking for a name, check out this article about the best dog names ever.

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