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Shinola and Serta Debut The 313 Mattress Collection

Detroit evokes an industrial style: Clean, sharp-edged, and functional with a dollop of Art Deco to go. From the Obama years (and Obama’s wrist) on down, Shinola has captured that style and propped it up on a growing national and international stage. Now it’s expanding into one of the most iconic and important parts of interior style: The bed.

Whether you’ve got a three-bedroom suburban spread or a loft in the city, you’re likely spending six to eight hours on that mattress — most of your unconscious life. Why not make it plush when you’re in it and fashionable when you’re not?

Serta and Shinola's 313 mattress.

The new 313 Mattress Collection from Serta and Shinola brings Rust Belt chic to sleep with a line of premium, plush mattresses that marry Shinola’s timeless style with Serta’s commitment to comfort. In an ode to Shinola’s Motor City home and area code 313, the 313 Mattress Collection brings craft details like stitched Shinola lightning bolt logos and bold stripes on mattress borders to complement Serta’s soft, cool-to-the-touch cover. The same Shinola design, which can be found on products ranging from watch bands to leather bags, is topped off with gel memory foam layers that make this mattress feel as good as it looks.

After spending the past 90 years delivering luxury to layers, on a mission to craft quality goods intended to last a lifetime, Serta acknowledges that shoppers select products based on aesthetic as well.

“Shinola shares our uncompromising commitment to quality engineering and craftsmanship, which can be found on products ranging from watch bands to leather bags, across the edge of the mattress,” Serta senior vice president of marketing Laura Brewick said. “We are excited to be working alongside Shinola to bring our trademark comfort to consumers in a new (and stylish) way.”

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This new addition goes along with Shinola’s continued expansion into a lifestyle line that includes bicycles, jewelry, journals, and other accessories along with its iconic watches. With a 10-inch height, 313 mattresses are ideal for anyone looking to elevate their sleep space.

“Our vision is to bring Shinola into the most meaningful part of customers’ lives. Designing a line of mattresses with Serta is a natural evolution. The 313 Mattress Collection takes our brand even deeper into one of the most utilized spaces in the home and is a fundamental piece to bring a quality of sleep to our customers,” Shinola vice president of creative design Ruthie Underwood said.

With the 313 Mattress Collection, there’s no need to concede comfort for style; these premium memory foam mattresses will allow you to get the sleep you deserve.

The mattress collection is available on and and is on display at the Shinola flagship home store in Detroit. Right now, 313 mattresses are available in twin for $889, queen for $1,199, and king/California king for $1,499. Even better, the 313 Mattress Collection comes conveniently packaged in a box, making set-up easy.

And make sure that you keep an eye out. These two Michiganders may not be done yet.

“Stay tuned. There is more to come,” Brewick said.

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