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What’s the Best Time of Year To Buy a Mattress?

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A new mattress is a substantial investment, especially if you’re looking to upgrade to a Cali-king. So, it’s understandable to want to do everything in your power to get the very best deal.

Barring random mattress sales, you can significantly reduce your bill if you wait for certain times of year to buy a new mattress. If you notice signs your mattress should be replaced, we recommend not waiting and getting a new bed now. After all, you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep.

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However, suppose you’re in the market for a new mattress. In that case, you’ve probably been researching how to choose a bed and the best mattresses available.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy A Mattress?

Best Month: May

It’s pretty much a consensus among mattress manufacturers and retailers that May is the best time to get a cheap mattress. And if you can wait until Memorial Day in May, it will most likely be the best deal on a bed you find all year. That’s because, for whatever reason, mattress manufacturers release new products in June.

So, retailers are looking to get rid of older models to make way for the newer ones, much like car dealerships. This also means that waiting until the summer to buy a mattress will likely mean you’ll be paying top dollar.

Best Season: Late Winter

If you have your eye on a particular mattress, check for deals from March to April. Retailers understand they have to make room for new models in June. So, to keep from stressing out about clearing inventory in May, they’ll sometimes start sales earlier in March or April. The discounts may not be as deep as in May, but if you’re in desperate need of a new mattress, you could cut out a month or two of waiting by buying in late winter.

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Major retailers have conditioned the public to expect sales around holidays so they can plan to replenish their inventory with new products. Conveniently, you’ll notice there’s a holiday every month where retailers may or may not choose to execute a big sale. You can pretty much expect at least one big sales event every quarter. The big sales holidays are as follows.

  • Presidents Day (February)
  • Memorial Day (May)
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day (September)
  • Columbus Day (October)
  • Veterans Day (November)
  • Black Friday (November)
  • Christmas (December)
  • Cyber Sales Holidays

There’s no doubt that the mattress-to-consumer industry has blown up over the past decade. Online mattress-in-a-box retailers coincide their sales with major online shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day. Lucky for us consumers, these once one-day sales events have grown to multi-day events thanks to high demand. So, if you miss the first day, you still have a chance for a great mattress deal.

Overstock or Going Out of Business Sales

The mattress-to-consumer online market is great for the consumer but has delivered a significant blow to brick-and-mortar mattress and furniture stores. If you can’t wait until May or for a holiday to roll around, check all the furniture/mattress stores in your area or surrounding areas. There’s a good chance that they’ll be doing an overstock, or even better (for you), a going out of business sale.

Can You Finance a Mattress?

Financing a mattress has never been easier. Most big-name brick-and-mortar mattress and furniture shops offer their own financing. With online retailers, Affirm has made affordable financing assessable to more people than ever.

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