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Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time’ Trailer Turns to Reveal Easter Eggs

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Seida (center) and her band of warriors in 'The Wheel of Time.'
Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Seida (center) and her band of warriors in ‘The Wheel of Time.’ Amazon Prime

Turns out Amazon Prime has found a novel way to hide Easter eggs. Prime’s spinning new look at the upcoming The Wheel of Time series unveils a virtual third dimension with secret clues about “the wheel.”

The snazzy new trailer confirms that Amazon Prime Video is going all-in for its upcoming adaptation of Robert Jordan’s 15-novel fantasy epic, The Wheel of Time. The preview gives us our best look yet at the magical world inhabited by forces both good and evil. It’s a fantastic world that’s more clearly delineated than, say, Game of Thrones. And with YouTube’s 360-degree player, hints surrounding that world’s symbology and characters are revealed at different time points in the trailer. 

“Speak your truth, Moiraine Sedai,” a disembodied voice opens the trailer. 

Quick Synopsis of The Wheel of Time Characters

Moiraine is a powerful warrior-wizard, played by Rosamund Pike, being inducted into the Aes Sedai, a formidable, all-female organization. Each member adheres to rules of honor in harnessing their awesome capabilities. Moiraine is called to a path that she did not choose but will follow as a Sedai. 

This brings her to quest across an unnamed world into a small town called Two Rivers with five acolytes in tow. One of these young men or women is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn, who will either save or destroy humanity. For the moment, they have more issues to deal with, as “the Dark One is waking.” The Dark One’s army, at least during its initial foray, turns out to be what looks like large torch- and sword-wielding horned werewolves bent on destroying all that is light in the world. 

This is, in some ways, Amazon’s answer to Game Of Thrones (along with the upcoming Lord Of The Rings series). The Wheel of Time is a more family-friendly fantasy, however. There’s less conspicuous horror, blood, and sex in Jordan’s still dark fantasy. There’s also magic and the forces of good and evil are much more defined, beginning with the secrets hidden in the 3D trailer. 

Without revealing too much, Saidar is white and flowing on the left and Saidin is black and oily and flowing on the right. They merge together to form the Aes Sedai symbol where they meet on the floor. You’ll have to read the books or watch the show to find out more. 

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The saga behind this Wheel of Time adaptation has been unfolding for over 14 years. Originally intended to become a Universal film series, a 2015 pilot was so bad FX burned it from its late-night slot. 

When Will The Wheel of Time Start Airing

After more than a decade, The Wheel of Time will begin spinning its story on Friday, Nov 19 with the first three episodes to be released on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes are slated to be dropped each week after that through a Dec. 24 season finale. You can check out the trailer below. 

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