Road Trip like a Boss in a Cricket Trailer

road trip like boss cricket trailer
I don’t care who you are – we’ve all had those daydreams of selling all our belongings, buying an old RV or teardrop trailer, and roadtripping across the country. It’s definitely a tempting idea, but before you hit up craigslist in search of a busted-ass Winnebago, we highly recommend you check out Cricket.

Unlike the living-room-on-wheels lineup we’re used to seeing on the road, Cricket trailers have been designed from the ground up to be compact, efficient, and low-maintenance. For starters, the exterior of each trailer is built from precision-engineered materials that reduce the overall tow weight, meaning you don’t need to own a beefy, gas-guzzling Ford F250 just to pull one around. Thanks to their lightweight aluminum composite construction and aerodynamic shape, Cricket trailers can easily be towed behind most four-cylinder vehicles, yet are just as spacious, durable, and warm as any other trailer (if not more so)

Just like the exterior, the interior space of the trailer has been creatively designed with an emphasis on minimalism and versatility. The guy who founded the company, Garrett Finney, is an ex-NASA employee who helped design the habitation modules (NASA-speak for the place where astronauts eat, sleep, bathe, and relax) in the International Space Station, so he knows a thing or two about maximizing the utility of small spaces.

The most basic model Cricket trailer will put you back about $16,750, and can go a couple grand higher if you spring for extra bells and whistles like refrigerators, roof racks, or a kitchen sink. Find out more here.

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