What to Watch on Netflix and Hulu Next Month

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Crocodiles, design and 80s sci-fi.

With the close of January, we’ll be a quarter through winter and still looking for new shows to binge-watch on the couch, and old favorite films to rerun, or finally see for the first time. Here’s a quick guide to what’s new on Netflix and Hulu (yep, Hulu is killing it these days) shows to favorite this February.

There Will Be Blood – Hulu

There Will Be Blood

Courtesy Miramax Films

This epic historical drama features a stunning Daniel Day-Lewis as the morally askew prospector-turned-oil tycoon Daniel Plainview. Lewis method acts alongside a young Paul Dano, in the role of Eli Sunday, a greed-ridden pastor. Inspired by an Upton Sinclair novel (famous for writing the grotesque novel The Jungle), There Will Be Blood is no question one of our top ten favorite films of all time. It’s gritty, intense, wildly clever, and will leave us saying, “I drink your milkshake,” for the rest of the month.

Abstract: The Art of Design – Netflix

Abstract, The Art of Design

Courtesy Netflix

Premiering February 10, a new documentary series brought to us by executive producer Morgan Neville (he’s produced docs on Johnny Cash and Keith Richards) peels back the layers of the most prolific modern contemporary designs and designers of today. This includes everything from Nike Jordan footwear, to chairs, buildings, and stage design. We get a behind the scenes look at the designs, inspirations, and artwork that have shaped the look and feel of our physical world, through the lens of its innovative graphic designers, architects, and photographers. What we love about this series is it makes us feel inspired.

The Outback Wrangler, Season 2 – Hulu

The Outback Wrangler

Courtesy National Geographic

Produced by the National Geographic channel, Australian helicopter pilot and animal rescue expert Matt Wright allows us a peek into his ordinary day-to-day… relocating gigantic crocodiles via plane, boat, and harpoon. The show’s motto is, “Big country. Big crocs. Big man.” Most likely the best part is when Matt teams up with his long-time Aussie pals, John ‘Johno’ Brown and Chris ‘Willo’ Wilson, who add plenty of humor.

I Don’t Feet At Home in This World Anymore – Netflix

new on netflix hulu i dont feel at home original february

Courtesy Netflix

If dark and dead-pan humor is your jam, tune in February 24 for this part crime film/part drama comedy starring Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood as neighbors who band together to form a duo of makeshift vigilantes on the hunt for robbers. Set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the directorial debut of Macon Blair has the internet buzzing— hence Netflix’s haste to secure rights to the title. The movie promises to deliver intense characters, quick turns, and lots of violence. If that’s not your bag, stick with the Bolton Special.

The Running Man – Hulu

The Running Man

Since it’s impossible to go to the grocery or drug store without seeing a barrage of Valentine’s Day crap, barricade yourself inside and turn to Arnold and Stephen King for safety. This 80s sci-fi classic set in a post-economic-collapse society (in 2019…) run by a totalitarian police force follows a wrongly convicted man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) trying to survive a public execution gauntlet. The plot was based off a King novel of the same title. Although Arnold has expressed regret in starring in the film (hello, all 80s films are cheesy and included spandex leotards), we’re glad he did. One Rotten Tomatoes review described it perfectly as, “an arcade-game romp done with flair.”

Lead photo courtesy Netflix