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Report: Nearly 40% of subscribers will cancel their Netflix account if pricing goes up again

This news comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody

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Netflix has absolutely dominated the streaming market for over a decade. With some of the best movies and TV shows in the business, the streaming giant is synonymous with online watching habits and binge-watching worldwide.

One of the main reasons for Netflix’s success in comparison with other streaming services is the affordability and accessibility of the streamer. Cheap subscriptions and no advertisements separate Netflix from others like Hulu and Max. Unfortunately for fans, some of these pros are about to turn into cons. Much like Disney Plus hiking its prices, Netflix is about to follow the same path.

How much is Netflix a month?

Netflix has an ad-free plan that will now come in at $22.99 per month and an ad-supported plan at $6.99 per month. According to a recent poll by, 39% of current Netflix subscribers claim they would cancel their subscription if the prices of an ad-free plan go up. Now that the rumor is a reality, will people actually cancel Netflix at the clip they claim they will?

How does Netflix compare to other streamers?

As was already mentioned, if it feels like Netflix isn’t the only service upping its prices, it’s because it isn’t. Disney Plus and Hulu both increased their ad-free services to $14 and $18 per month, respectively. Those numbers are significantly lower than the nearly $23 price that Netflix looks to implement. You can also bundle Disney Plus and Hulu because they are both owned by Disney. You can bundle both services together without ads for $20, still a lower rate than Netflix. Max costs $16 monthly right now in the aftermath of the rebranding from HBO Max to Max.

What is the future of streaming?

With the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing, no new programs will be released on streamers like Netflix for quite some time. The actors and studios have hit another roadblock in the labor dispute, with both sides leaving negotiations without a deal. Many viewers support the labor union and want the best deal for the actors so that shows and movies can get back up and running fairly.

Combine the strike with the increased prices on Netflix, and the streamer doesn’t seem to be garnering any goodwill at the moment. Netflix must carefully consider its next move so it can stay on top of the streaming world and maintain fans who subscribe to a Netflix account. Even the most successful businesses falter if they make enough wrong moves.

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