Bring It: 10 Lunch Kits to Take to Work

As much as we love running out of the office at lunchtime to grab a burrito bowl from Chipotle or a burger from Shake Shack, the cost adds up — and, it’s not too healthy for our waistlines. Bringing your lunch to work can save you around $2,500 a year, and we’re guessing a few extra pounds. Here The Manual picks 10 lunch kits that can make packing lunch much more fun.

Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar
Pack a feast into the Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar, which contains four microwavable bowls and can maintain food temperature for six hours.
$54.99 at

Laptop Lunches Bento Pak 2.0
Pack an array of vegetables, hummus and more in the various containers of this easy lunch kit.
$32.99 at

Dick van Hoff X Thomas Eyck Leather Strapped Canteen and Lunch Box Set
If you’re going for something that’s manly, well designed and aesthetically pleasing, this one is the way to go.
$299 at

Planet Box Rover Basic
This simple, stainless steel kit allows you to  pack your lunch in a cafeteria-tray-like container.
$39.95 at

Black + Blum Lunch Pot
This London-based company makes bringing lunch simple and sleek with two stackable containers. Plus, it comes with a Spork!
$23 at

To-Go Ware 3-Tier Food Carrier
There’s a reason why they like using these stackable containers to bring lunch in China and India. They’re functional and they allow you to pack a number of components.
$24.95 at

Bentgo All-in-one Stackable Lunch Box
This box puts a modern take on the classic Japanese bento lunch box.
$14.99 at

Classic Construction Worker Thermos and Lunchbox Set
If you want to go the old school route, put your midday meal in this thermos and lunchbox set.
$34.95 at

Stay Fit Deluxe Salad Kit
Trying to stay healthy? Pack a salad and all its fixings in this kit, which also includes a separate container for dressing.
$9.03 at

Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box
This simple bento puts a no-fuss spin on carrying your lunch.
$15.20 at

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